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Posted on 9/29/2014 by Hana Admin
Dentistry has always been a passion for me and while I love every opportunity that I have had to work in various dental offices, I knew that I wanted to create a place with like-minded friends, my partners, that would re-invent the patient experience.

My personal vision for Archpoint falls in line with my decision making philosophy in life; I can explain by this example. While getting close to finishing dental school, I had to choose between 2 specialties that I truly loved. The first was Prosthodontics which is the study of re-creation of the entire mouth through dentures, crowns, bridges, implants etc.. The second was Pediatric Dentistry- I love children!

I ultimately decided to proceed with Prosthodontics but close to the end of those 3 years of study, the desire to treat kids didn’t dissipate as I anticipated. So I did what I would normally do in that kind of a situation; I decided to finish Prosthodontics training and continue into Pediatric Dentistry for another 2 years. I give this example to make a point. No matter the circumstance, the sacrifice, the time commitment …when I am passionate about something, when I truly love something, I make it my mission to achieve. While nothing can be perfect, that is what I strive for with every patient. Not arbitrary “magazine cover” perfection, but for what is perfect for my patient. By learning about my patient as the person that they are and by them learning about me, we are able together to mold a smile that embodies them, their energy and their spirit. And through the course of our treatments and follow up appointments we develop a relationship and many times a friendship.

When people walk into Archpoint, they immediately see and feel our dedication to supreme treatment. It’s in our treatment rooms, on our walls, in our staff and in us, the doctors. They tell us constantly, it isn’t something that they’ve read about our office or something that we say, it’s how it’s all said and how it’s all done. It is a feeling- the sensation you get when you walk into Archpoint and are greeted with a smile- you immediately know you are in the right place. Your journey begins with a beautiful smile welcoming you in and ends with your own beautiful smile. And that for me is perfection.

Michael Oppedisano, D.M.D., M.S.
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We your smile.
8070 Park Lane #100,
Dallas, TX 75231

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8070 Park Lane #100, Dallas, TX 75231
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