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What May Be Causing Your Teeth to Stain?

Posted on 9/10/2017 by ARCHPOINT
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Are you struggling with tooth stains? Is it difficult to figure out what may be causing those stains? There are quite a few different things that can cause stains on your teeth. Some of the stains can come from your foods and drinks, while other things can come from daily habits.

Before going in to your dentist to get your teeth whitened, it is best to figure out what the most common causes are for the stains on your teeth. That way, once you have your bright white smile, you won't ruin it by following the same habits that caused them in the first place.

Common Staining Agents for Your Teeth

Foods and drinks are the most common things that stain your teeth. This can include foods like curries, berries, and mustard. Drinks that can cause stains include coffee, wine, and sports drinks. If you can cut some, or all, of these items out of your diet, your risk of stained teeth will go down, allowing your teeth whitening to last longer.

Habits that can stain your teeth include not drinking enough water, not taking enough time to brush your teeth daily, and smoking. All of these have detrimental effects on your teeth, and can leave you with stains that are unhealthy and unsightly. By drinking a lot of water, properly caring for your mouth, and stopping smoking, you can do a lot towards helping your teeth look great.

Then, once those old staining habits are done, you can get your teeth professionally whitened without the worry that your teeth are going to quickly return to their previous color. Talk to your dentist about things that you can do to improve the color of your smile naturally, and keep doing them after the whitening, too. It will help your smile look great even longer.

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