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What May Cause Loss of Enamel on Your Teeth

Posted on 10/17/2017 by ARCHPOINT
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Your teeth are comprised of three different layers of material: on the inside is the soft and tender pulp, in the middle is the dentin, and on the outside of the tooth is a layer of extremely durable enamel.

The enamel serves the function of protecting the rest of the tooth from being damaged during the day-to-day activities of chewing and grinding food. It also serves as a barrier to keep bacteria, food, and other materials out of the tooth. This keeps the tooth healthy and strong.

However, there are some things that you can do that will cause the loss of enamel on your teeth. You should avoid or limit these things in order to prolong the life of your teeth.

Eating or Drinking Highly Acidic Foods

Some foods have high levels of acid in them. While you can eat them, doing so exposes your teeth to elevated acid levels. Over time, these elevated acid levels can cause significant damage to the teeth.

If you can avoid highly acidic foods, you will have an easier time preserving the enamel on your teeth. On the other hand, if you do insist on eating these types of foods, you can help to minimize the damage by immediately rinsing out your mouth after you have finished your meal.

Excessive Sugar Levels

Another prime enemy of the enamel is the bacteria population in your mouth. More accurately, the compounds that these bacteria emit, some of which are caustic to your teeth. These bacteria thrive on sugars, so eating sugary foods or drinking things like soda or sugared tea can cause problems with your enamel.

If you feel like you can't live without sugary foods or drinks, be sure to rinse out your mouth when you are finished enjoying them. This will help keep the sugar levels down, which in turn will keep the bacteria levels down.

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