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What Orange Lipsticks Do to Your Smile

Posted on 10/27/2017 by ARCHPOINT
Lipstick ARCHPOINT TX 75231
It's always nice to pay attention to your periods and try to keep up with the latest styles. However, some styles can be more damaging (in the long-term) to your appearance than others. One such style is the practice of using orange lipstick.

Although it may appear to be cute and perky at the moment, you should think twice before reaching for that tube of orange lipstick. Here is more information.

Orange Lipstick Can Highlight Stains on Your Teeth

As you go through your daily life, you will pick up stains on your teeth from various sources. If you smoke tobacco, eat foods with extreme colors, drink coffee, tea, or wine, you are more likely to end up staining your teeth. However, even if you avoid all of these habits, your teeth will still pick up stains as time goes by.

While there are certainly options for treating your teeth if they have begun to show stains, in the meantime, you want to do whatever you can to avoid drawing attention to those stains. One thing you should definitely avoid is using orange lipstick.

Orange lipstick will cause the staining on your teeth to be much more noticeable. This is because orange is very close to yellow on the spectrum of colors. As such, the orange lipstick will make your teeth look more stained then they really may be.

Other Color Choices
Instead of using orange, you may want to consider using a cool pink or even a blue color. These colors will not have the same effect as orange-and, in the case of blue, will actually work to cancel out any staining on your teeth.

If you absolutely insist on wearing orange lipstick, consider visiting us for a whitening treatment first. We can help get your teeth looking white again.

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