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What Happens During Cleft Lip Repair?

Posted on 5/23/2018 by ARCHPOINT
Cleft Lip Repair ARCHPOINT TX 75231Cleft lip repair can be done through an oral surgeon. Once the procedure is performed, the lip will begin to look more like normal. This is something that is required for many children that have a hard time closing their mouth due to an issue from a cleft palate.

Some children may require treatment as a way to help them chew more easily. There are many reasons to have a cleft lip repaired and having a great oral surgeon like ours that is able to perform the task is always good.

What to Expect with Cleft Lip Repair

Generally, children have the repair done before they become older. This will help them chew, breathe, and talk easier. It also helps them close their mouths and smile easier. When a cleft lip is diagnosed, it is important to have a surgeon repair the site to provide a better quality of life for the person with the issue.

Cleft lip repair is done under general anesthesia. The child is sedated, and then the lip is cut around on both sides and then sewn together using dissolving stitches. Once these stitches are in there, they will dissolve on their own and do not have to be taken out.

The inside of the mouth is also brought together and sewn shut. The hole that once was open in the mouth, nose, palate, or inside the nasal canal can then be closed, allowing the child to function normally once they have healed.

Reach out to us to find out more about cleft lip repair. Our experienced oral surgeons can help with this procedure, giving your child a better quality of life. The surgery is often quite easy to perform, and will allow your child to have a much more normal existence once they have healed up. Call us today.
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