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Why Ringing in Your Ears is Something You Need to Tell Us About

Posted on 6/23/2018 by ARCHPOINT
Tinnitus ARCHPOINT TX 75231Tinnitus is the medical term used to describe ringing in your ears and is something that ARCHPOINT has seen numerous times. This is something that's irritating for you as a patient and something we need to know about as your dentist.

Why Tell Us About Your Tinnitus

Typically, tinnitus occurs when a high-pitched noise is transmitted directly into your inner ear. As such, the noise of a dental drill can be a cause. They can cause hearing loss, which is a risk for dentists and hygienists especially.

When left unchecked, it can lead to hearing loss. Unfortunately, drills are often necessary - especially during a difficult tooth extraction. Wearing ear plugs won't help since the drill's noise still reaches the cochlea.

As such, you need to tell us when you're experiencing tinnitus while we're drilling so we only do so in short spurts before taking a small break before drilling again. Doing so lets your ears recover.

Ultrasonic plaque removal can also cause tinnitus. This is because it emits a frequency of 12,000 - 15,000 Hz for about half a second. If we know that this is causing you to experience tinnitus, we can use mechanical scaling implements instead.

You should also know that something other than dental tools may be to blame. Impacted wisdom teeth, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and tooth abscesses are some of the issues here.
Since these tools can trigger tinnitus, you may be wondering if you should go to the dentist at all.

This isn't a good idea though. Your healthy smile needs a routine checkup to keep it that way. So, go ahead and make yourself an appointment with our ARCHPOINT at (844) 281-6446.

When you come in make sure you talk to us about your issue. We'll do our best to make you comfortable and we may even find a procedure that will relieve your symptoms.
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