All-On-4® Total Smile

Tooth loss is, unfortunately, more common than most people think. Even full tooth loss happens more than you might think. Unfortunately, there are some different things that can cause a person to lose all of their teeth. While poor dental hygiene is certainly a leading cause, it’s possible for even those who brush and floss regularly to lose their teeth due to accident, illness, or another factor.

Fortunately, losing your teeth no longer condemns you to a life of ill-fitting dentures thanks to advances in dental implants technology. Today, the All on 4® treatment concept allows us to quickly extract any remaining teeth and replace them with a set of permanent dentures that look and feel just like your natural teeth. Best of all, this implant method doesn’t require bone grafting as often as older implants once did. Many patients are good candidates for Archpoint Total. This type of dental restoration is already very popular for some reasons.

The procedure takes only a day, replacing both top and bottom arches using just four implant posts per arch with ARCHPOINT’s Full Arch on Four technology. Single arch replacements also are available. Actual times may vary.