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Why Choose an Implant Specialist?

Dental Implant Specialists at ARCHPOINTIf you have decided that you want to get dental implants, you will want to make certain you have an expert doing the implantation. While many dentists may say that they can do implants, only those who have the experience and training as an implant specialist should perform this operation. Our team of specialists is waiting to assist you with your brand-new teeth. We have performed this operation many times, and we keep on the cutting edge of implant technology and procedures, so we know we are always providing our patients with the best replacement teeth possible. What is it that makes someone an implant specialist, and why should you choose one?

We Are Trained in the Procedure

While all dentists have training in caring for teeth and assisting patients with oral hygiene, most are generalists, not specialists. There’s much training a dentist has to go through, so much that no one can be an expert in every type of dental procedure. If you are going to get implants, you want to make sure the dental surgeon who is doing the surgery knows how to place the implants correctly and what to do if something doesn’t go right. To be considered a trained specialist in dental implants, a dentist needs to have at least 300 hours of continuing education or training in implant dentistry.

Specialists Have More Experience

While every dentist does have to start somewhere, when it comes to implants, you do want to look for someone who is a trusted name in the field. The dental implant procedure may be on its way to being fairly routine, but it does still involve placing foreign items into your body. That means you want to be sure the person doing the implants is experienced and fully understands the procedure. You want someone who has done everything from a single tooth implant to doing a full All-on-Four procedure. The more experience an expert has, the better they are going to be at dealing with anything unexpected.

Specialists Versus General Dentists

However, is there a difference between having a specialist do your implants and having a general dentist who understands the procedure do it? According to studies, yes. Dental implants have had an incredibly high success rate over the past 30 years because they are almost always done by an expert who has trained for the procedure. In July 2014, the Journal of the American Dental Association published an article looking at dental implant patients. According to the study, implants placed by general dentists had a failure rate of 18 percent. Compare that to the success rate of implants placed by specialists, which is as high as 97 percent.

Why put your oral health in the hands of someone who isn’t trained for it? We believe that every patient deserves the best possible care, and that means that the person is working on their teeth, no matter what the procedure, should be experienced and educated in the process. If you are coming to us for dental implants, you can rest assured that the person placing them is a specialist.

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