At ARCHPOINT, our objective is to provide patients with the best quality of care and outcome possible, which is why we continuously seek new advancements in the field. The YOMI® robot is the first robotic guidance system for dental surgery and is arguably the most exciting advancement in the industry in the last decade. Our team has researched and trained for years to bring it to Dallas to share this revolutionary procedure with our patients.

Whether your treatment is straightforward or more complex, we invite you to experience robot-guided dental implant surgery in Dallas, TX.

What is Robot-Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

Robotic-guided surgery provides special assistance to our ARCHPOINT surgeons in planning and placing your dental implants. The YOMI® robot uses a collaborative robotic arm that provides guidance during the procedure, helping your surgeon place your implant with a high degree of precision for the most natural look and feel.

Benefits of Robot-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Minimally Invasive

  • Eliminates unnecessary incisions
  • Minimal to no sutures
  • Faster recovery time

Better Accuracy

  • Unmatched precision yields more successful outcomes
  • Avoid crucial nerves & sinuses for fewer complications
  • More natural-looking results

Better Efficiency

  • Scan, plan, and perform surgery all on the same day
  • The convenience of fewer appointments

How does Robot-Guided Dental Implant Surgery work?

Robotic-guided implant surgery starts with a preoperative 3D scan of your mouth and jaw. The scan is uploaded into an integrated software program where your ARCHPOINT surgeon can virtually plan every aspect of your treatment- from implant placement, depth, and angulation, to determining if bone grafting is necessary.

Before the procedure begins, a mouthpiece is temporarily attached to your jaw, which is later connected to the robotic guide. A second 3D scan is taken with this splint in place, and preoperative markers are added to allow the technology to track any movement. At this point, you will be appropriately sedated before the surgery begins.

The robot has two arms, a tracking arm that is attached to the mouthpiece and an arm that holds the drill controlled by your surgeon. The tracking arm and markers give the robot the ability to “see” you in real-time, so if there are any subtle movements during the procedure, the robot moves with you to accommodate the surgical plan.

The most impressive part of this robotic technology is that it provides real-time visual, auditory, and physical guidance for unmatched precision. This means that your surgeon can see, hear, and feel exactly where your implant should be placed, the angulation, and the precise depth. The robotic arm will resist any incorrect movements and will sound an auditory beep when the proper position is reached, all while showing the virtual plan on a screen.

Does Robotic-Guided Dental Implant Surgery replace an Oral Surgeon?

The YOMI® robotic system does NOT replace your surgeon. Instead, it combines your oral surgeon’s skill with the benefits of robotic surgery, further enhancing the surgeon’s capabilities. Your ARCHPOINT surgeon is always in control of the robot and instruments; nothing operates autonomously. Throughout the treatment, if anything needs to be changed, the surgeon can stop, make any necessary updates, and provide new instructions to the robot.

This new robotic technology does not allow just any dentist the ability to place implants. The skill and expertise of a prosthodontist or periodontist are necessary to perform a successful robotic-guided dental implant procedure.

Is Robot-Guided Dental Implant Surgery safe?

Robotic surgeries are becoming standard across the medical field, with the da Vinci Surgical System paving the way over two decades ago. Today, over 1 million patients every year have a robotic-assisted procedure of some type.

YOMI® is the first and only FDA-cleared robot device for dental surgery. Although robotic surgery may be newer to the dental field, that means that we benefit from the years of experience and development made by our medical colleagues.

How Much Are Dental Implants with the Yomi® Robotic System?

Dental implants in Dallas should cost between $4,000 to $5,500 per tooth for the abutment and crown, including extraction, anesthesia, follow-up care, etc. If it is determined that significant grafting is necessary, that could add up to $2,500 per area. A three-unit implant bridge (two implants with a pontic) can cost around $10,000 if no major grafting is needed.

Dental implants are priced according to your individual treatment requirements. The price can also vary based on the level of experience of your dentist or dental implant specialist, the type of dental implant treatment, and the location of the dental practice. When you see dental implants advertised for less, it is likely because the cost that is being promoted excludes the necessary inclusions and procedures.

While a general dentist may offer lower prices for dental implants in Dallas and Fort Worth, it is important to consider the risk of not having your implants placed by a dental implant specialist that is trained specifically for this complex procedure. The ARCHPOINT DFW dental implant center is home to some of the top specialists in the state of Texas who have placed thousands of implants.

Why choose ARCHPOINT for Dental Implant Robotic-Guided Surgery

This advanced robotic guidance technology offers a new level of dental implant precision, accuracy, and longevity. Investing in the latest technology helps ARCHPOINT provide our patients with the utmost comfort and highest quality care.

With the acquisition of this innovative robotic technology, ARCHPOINT will be named a “YOMI® Center of Excellence,” serving as an educational hub for other dental professionals in the region.

We look forward to starting your smile journey together – now with some of the best technology available!