• Implants Make Flippers Unnecessary Rather than wearing a single fake tooth for the rest of your life, we recommend getting a dental implant. These implants can be used to replace a single tooth. You have a titanium rod implanted into your jawbone; then the crown placed over it. It looks exactly like your natural teeth, and it never has to be removed. If you have lost a natural tooth, this is the best way of replacing it.
  • Implants May Last a Lifetime Flippers and traditional dentures are made out of pretty sturdy materials, but they will wear down over the years. Many people have to have these fake teeth replaced in as little as five years. Even those who take very good care of their replacement teeth need new ones after ten to twelve years. Implants, on the other hand, are very durable, so you may never need to have one replaced. You may have to have your single tooth replacement adjusted now and then, but it’s unlikely that you will have to have it completely replaced. Even if you do, the procedure isn’t very long or difficult.
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  • All-on-4 Treatment Concept® People with flippers, bridges, or full dentures are often very aware of their teeth. They may be concerned that the teeth will somehow fall out while they are talking or eating. They may also worry that people can very easily tell that they have a false tooth or fake teeth. These people may slowly stop smiling or laughing as much. Some may even begin avoiding social situations.

    With an implant retained single tooth replacement, you don’t have to worry as much about what you eat. Implants are not going to fall out, and while you may still want to avoid chewing gum, you can eat just about anything.
  • They Are More Natural Dental implants are much more comfortable and feel much more natural than dentures, flippers, or other types of replacement teeth. They act just like your natural teeth do, and it will not take long before you forget you even have an implant. It will feel, look, and fit just like the rest of your teeth. You will also take care of them just as you would your natural teeth. You brush and floss the crown of your implant along with the rest of your teeth. There’s nothing extra or different that you have to do.