Snap-On dentures, also called overdentures or implant-stabilized dentures, are a special type of implant-supported denture that snaps or clips into place on top of dental implants. Snap-on dentures are an affordable All-On-4 implant alternative offering added stability and comfort for traditional denture wearers. 

Adults of all ages can benefit from this modified, implant-supported denture option. 

What are Snap-On Dentures?

clip-on dentures (overdentures)

A snap-on denture looks like a complete, removable denture with one significant difference. The surface of the denture that usually rests against your gum tissue has built-in locators that “snap” or “clip” onto corresponding dental implants in your mouth. 

Unlike All-on-4 implants or implant bridges, a snap-on denture is removable. It combines a traditional denture’s affordability with fixed implant reliability. 

Implant-stabilized dentures are an excellent investment for anyone who needs dentures but wants the added confidence of what dental implants offer. 

How Implant-Stabilized Dentures Work

Depending on the shape of your mouth and how well your current denture fits (if applicable,) anywhere from 2-4 implants are installed. Special attachments are placed onto the top of each implant, which is made to “snap” into the locators on the base of your clip-in denture. 

Since dental implants stabilize overdentures, they don’t float on top of your gum tissue or bone ridge. Instead, they’re securely fixed until you purposely remove them at the end of the day. 

Advantages of Snap-on Dentures

Wearing traditional dentures can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Especially if your “plate” slips throughout the day. By stabilizing it in one place, you eliminate rubbing, chafing, and potential hot spots susceptible to infection. Knowing that your snap-on denture is secure makes it easier to speak and eat with an added level of confidence. 

Our snap-on denture clients enjoy a smile solution with the following:

  • No rubbing or sore spots
  • No messy denture adhesives
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved diet and speech
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Snap-on Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures (“plates”) have long been used as one of the most budget-savvy options for quickly replacing missing teeth. While extremely cheap, these prosthetics can make it difficult to eat the foods you love. 

Conventional dentures are held in place by creating a suction against the roof of your mouth, or with lip, tongue, and cheek muscles on your lower jaw. Lower dentures especially tend to be harder to wear and more uncomfortable as a result. And in either case, the excessive bone loss causes the denture to feel looser than normal, which makes it even more challenging to stay in place without adhesives or denture paste. 

By adding anywhere from 2-4 dental implants to secure your denture, you have better stability throughout the day whenever you’re speaking and eating. The prosthesis won’t rub or slip loose. And since it’s fixed onto the implants underneath it, you’ll never need to use messy adhesives. 

Both types of dentures need to be removed at the end of the day. 

Can You Retrofit an Existing Denture?

Retrofitting current dentures may be an option if certain criteria are met. Especially if the denture is still fairly new. 

When we retrofit a denture to snap on top of dental implants, we use high-resolution scanning and imaging to process to map out where the implants need to be installed and adapt the denture with special locators. Essentially, we build snaps into the current denture so that it can fit over the newly placed dental implants

It’s normal for acrylic dentures to wear out over time. The longer you wear dentures, the more likely the bone in your jaws is to shrink. If the denture doesn’t fit correctly or is already quite worn, it will need to be replaced with a completely new overdenture. 

Candidates for Overdentures

Who makes an ideal candidate for snap-on dentures? 

  • Current denture wearers who want a more secure prosthesis
  • Someone struggling with loose or uncomfortable dentures
  • People who find it difficult to talk or eat with a conventional denture
  • Patients who want a mid-range, affordable dental implant alternative 
  • Someone who plans to get All-on-4 implants in the future
  • Individuals who feel self-conscious about the way they look and feel with traditional dentures
  • Someone who needs to have all of their teeth removed, but doesn’t want a traditional denture

The Snap-on Dentures Process

dental implant 3d scan

The process of getting snap-on dentures can vary, depending on your circumstances. 

For instance, if you are already missing all of your teeth and currently wearing dentures, we will plan a date to install your implants, allow them to integrate, then replace or retrofit your denture with an overdenture. Only a small amount of local anesthetic is needed to keep you comfortable. Since implant installation is a minimally-invasive procedure, you can easily manage any minor gum irritation with an over-the-counter pain reliever. 

Someone who needs to have existing teeth removed will need to have those teeth extracted prior to the implants being installed. Overdentures cannot fit over anatomical teeth, so this extra step is incorporated into your care plan.

Rest assured, our DFW implant specialists can design an interim prosthesis for you to wear so that you never need to leave with visibly missing teeth. Traditional dental implants are used for denture retention in most cases. However, mini dental implants may be used in limited circumstances. In those scenarios, a same-day procedure is fairly routine. 

Get a Customized Treatment Plan

During your evaluation with our implant specialists, we’ll discuss your smile needs and personal goals for your oral health. From there, we’ll determine the best type of implant treatment to help you make your vision a reality. Before scheduling any treatment, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the care process, including what appointments to expect, the treatment step-by-step, as well as all applicable financial information

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