Jason’s ARCHPOINT Dental Implant Transformation

I cheesed so big that I gave myself a double chin!

It's been so much fun. In fact, I went and got a new driver's license just so I can get a good photo on there, and I cheesed so big that I gave myself a double chin!

Connie’s ARCHPOINT Dental Implant Transformation

I cannot find words to express how proud I am of my new smile!

Over the years, I had several procedures done by many different dentists, including braces on three separate occasions. My mouth resembled a patchwork quilt. Dr. Oppedisano spent time talking to me as he assessed the overall condition of my teeth and determined what would be the best plan for me. I am delighted with the total transformation that created my radiant new smile and beautiful teeth. The ARCHPOINT team worked together to address every aspect of my dental health. I highly recommend ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry, and Dr. Michael Oppedisano, to anyone looking to improve their smile. I cannot find words to express how proud I am of my new smile!

Joshua's Amazing Transformation

My experience at ARCHPOINT has been nothing short of excellent.

Dr. Oppedisano, Brandy, Dustin, Nikki, and the whole staff go above and beyond for their patients' needs in every phase of your dental implant procedure. Unfortunately, l chose their leading competitor to begin my dental implant experience. As l learned, unlike ARCHPOINT, this company is not owned by dental professionals. A revealing factor considering the unprofessional, humiliating, and degrading experience l had during my provisional bridge phase with them in Arlington, Texas is that I lost count of how many times my provisional bridge teeth fell out and my bridges broke into pieces. I did not abuse the bridges and followed the home care instructions l was given. This was definitely an experience l would like to forget, but cannot. From the moment l walked into the ARCHPOINT Dallas office, Nicole was so attentive and courteous. I met with Brandy to discuss my treatment plan and finances. I explained my situation to her, and she assured me l was not the only person to tell her about a similar bad experience at this top competitor dental implant practice. I cannot thank Dr. Oppedisano for going out of his way to make sure l am satisfied with my bridges while addressing all of my needs and concerns, personally. The satisfaction I have with my new dental bridges could not be any better. I now smile without trepidation, feel like a million bucks, and am full of confidence and happiness.... How can anyone put a price on that? Thank you ARCHPOINT, Dr. Oppedisano, and staff!!!

Pat's Smile Makeover

This has changed my life in more ways than I can count.

I feel a lot better. I feel a lot healthier. I really enjoy my smile now! I enjoy getting up in the morning and actually brushing my teeth. The doctors and the staff at ARCHPOINT were absolutely amazing! I was never nervous at any point and actually felt good again about going to a dentist or an oral surgeon.

Robert's Dental Implant Transformation

At Archpoint, they make you feel like family, like you’re at home and it was the best experience I've ever had in my life.

I couldn't eat steak, I couldn't chew gum. Everything was a chore. I'd be careful because I only had 16 teeth left so I had to use those for all my biting and chewing. They were just wearing down and something had to be done. I went to see Dr. O at Archpoint and we talked about how implants work. I went to another facility and it was just corporate cold, no one talked to me about the pain, all they were interested in with the money just didn't feel comfortable. At Archpoint, it was just night and day. Every single person from the receptionist, Dr. Draper, Dr. O, and all the technicians were just warm, friendly professional people. Every person there. To this day if I have to go get my teeth cleaned, it’s a pleasant thing, it's something to look forward to, catch up. I talk to Dr. O about his kids and what's going on with his house. That's the kind of people they are, you feel like you're talking to a friend.

Donna's Dental Implant Transformation

Hello! I’m Donna Baker and I am an Archpoint patient.

I’m from Fort Worth, born and raised. I’ve had root canals, I’ve had crowns, and I’ve suffered through that for many years. My husband was hearing my frustration and he saw a commercial about Archpoint. The moment I entered the beautiful facilities, clean, bright, but the staff was extremely professional but kind. You will feel like you are at home. My team did an incredible job! Trust me, they’re the best! Dr. Draper is the reason that I am here today with you, its because my experience with him (and I’ve had others) exceeded my expectations. He did a remarkable job.

Walt's Dental Implant Transformation

Dental implants have given me my smile back along with my confidence.

In my case, I’m a personal trainer. it's really critical that I interact with people and give them confidence too. I was cracking the teeth just by eating salad, as an example, nothing really hard. Archpoint was recommended by my dentist who I (really) highly regarded. After having talked to Archpoint, I was firmly convinced that they were the best option. This was a permanent option. It wasn't something that was temporary. My wife was the one who said, ‘hey, let's do this’, because I really didn’t think that we could afford this whole thing. That wasn't the case with Archpoint. I visited other competitors and I felt like they weren’t really interested in me as a person as to what I was looking for. They were looking at me like a cash flow, but Archpoint is different. It was an attitude of family being welcomed. All the people that I've dealt with at Archpoint were fantastic. Very professional and made me feel at ease. You really feel a sense of them really caring about you, trying to enhance your quality of life. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Newby and Dr. Draper. They are a dream to work with. Dr. Newby, (she) asked me to look in the mirror and that was a revelation, it really was - It was an ‘aha’ moment. In that mirror, I smiled and i said, ‘I’m back. That is who Walt (last name) is’. I’m able to show my smile and be my natural self. That is priceless I think. You guys have done good. (No seriously) I really appreciate all of the expertise and their ability and personalized way of dealing with their patients is something way above anyone else and has gravely exceeded my expectations.

Bob's Dental Implant Transformation

Dental Implants really have given me a feeling of confidence.

I was amazed they could do this procedure in one day. Right from the beginning, Archpoint was an entirely different experience for us.

Bob's Dental Implant Transformation

Smile is back on the outside. Life is good on the inside.

I was amazed at how simple, quick, and easy the process was. What was really amazing I had no pain!

Jerry's Transformation: Journey to Confidence

The doctors were absolutely outstanding!

The team was outstanding and it was such a pleasure dealing with all of them. They gave me the confidence I needed to not worry. After my treatment, it just feels so good to have a nice smile again and a mouth full of teeth. Thank you Archpoint!

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