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Our Implants Difference

  • The most advanced technology in implant dentistry
  • Only the finest and strongest materials
  • Our specialty is strictly dental implants
  • More than 30 years of experience and commitment
Dental Implant Dallas

State-Of-The-Art Materials

  • 50% stronger than the industry standard
  • Built from durable titanium–zirconium alloy for lifelong stability
  • Less vulnerable to malfunctions and other potential issues
  • 50% faster healing time than standard dental implants

ARCHPOINT's Lifelong Benefits

  • A Natural, Youthful SmileOur advanced materials provide a permanent solution and a healthy functional smile.
  • Look and Feel Great AgainNot only do we get you looking great again, but we also get you feeling alive again.
  • Eat Any Food You LikeEat harder and healthier foods you could not chew with dentures, which are 75% less effective than natural teeth.
  • Bone PreservationDental implants prevent bone loss from occurring, keeping your face looking strong and your appearance youthful.
  • Speak Better and More ClearlyUnlike dentures, dental implants do not slip and shift in your mouth. Pronounce everyday words without any worry.
  • Keep Healthy Teeth HealthyImplants prevent existing teeth from shifting and weakening relieving them of extra strain placed upon them from eating.

Speak Directly with the Doctors

Your complimentary consultation includes speaking directly with the doctors who will perform your procedure. This personalized and compassionate care, combined with the finest dental implants, is what differentiates ARCHPOINT from other dental centers.

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