If you are considering dental implants, you probably have many questions.
While the subject of dental implants may sound complex, our team makes it easy to understand. The anatomy of our dental implants essentially mirrors that of natural teeth appearing and performing like the real thing. This is due to Archpoint’s state-of-the-art implant materials, which assure your new smile lasts for years and years to come. 

Better Aesthetics, Function, and Feel

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is their superior esthetics. An implant mimics the root component of a tooth, which allows us to permanently attach a restoration without the use of crowns, clasps, or messy adhesives. Instead, the restoration is discretely cemented or screwed into place. This gives the appearance of a natural tooth. Our restorations are also fabricated using porcelain, zirconia, or another ceramic compound. These high-quality restoration materials can be shaped to match the texture of natural teeth. They also reproduce the light-reflective properties of tooth enamel. With dental implants, your restoration will be virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth.

Implant-supported dentures also provide a natural appearance and long-term esthetics. Because they are implanted into the jaw, they will feel and function just like your natural teeth. Unlike dentures or other removable appliances, you never have to take out your implants. You will be able to eat, speak, and smile without worrying about embarrassing slips or discomfort. Removable appliances can cause discomfort while eating, issues with your speech, and a lack of confidence when you smile. 

Success Rate, Durability, and Convenience

In most cases, implant surgery is low-risk. In fact, most implant-supported restorations have a success rate of up to 98%. This is largely thanks to the process of osseointegration. During osseointegration, the implant and jawbone fuse together to form a powerful bond. This bond is responsible for the unmatched durability of dental implants. In many cases, an implant will withstand the powerful forces of your bite for many decades. Under the right care and maintenance, an implant can even last a lifetime!

Many people find dentures and other removable appliances to be inconvenient. These restorations must be removed for cleanings, during sleep, and to maintain proper oral health. If dropped, they may break or become warped. They also need to be readjusted, realigned, or replaced at regular intervals. These inconveniences can add up to be quite costly.

With dental implants, you can eat, drink, brush, and floss your restoration as you would your natural teeth. There is no need for special cleaning routines, readjustments, and other complications associated with removable appliances. 

Improved Oral Health and Self-Esteem

Osseointegration is also responsible for improvements in your oral health. The roots of your teeth provide physical stimulation that keeps your jawbone healthy and strong. When you lose one or more teeth, you lose the stimulation your jaw needs to avoid deterioration. If tooth loss is left untreated for an extended period, your bone will resorb back into the bloodstream. This can cause a saggy facial appearance and affect your eligibility for dental implants.

Because an implant fuses to the bone, it provides the physical stimulation your jaw needs to remain healthy while preserving a youthful facial appearance. No other restoration helps to preserve the bone in your jaw. In fact, other restorations can also cause damage to the adjacent teeth.

Many patients report an improvement in their self-esteem after they receive their implant-supported restoration. Implants can give you back a smile you deserve, and the confidence you want when you smile, laugh, and speak. 

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Consider Archpoint’s Lifelong Benefits

Not only do we get you looking great again, but we also get you feeling alive again.

A Natural, Youthful Smile

Our advanced materials provide a permanent solution to a healthy functional smile.

Bone Preservation

Dental implants prevent bone loss from occurring, keeping your face looking strong and your appearance youthful.

Eat Any Foods You’d Like

Eat harder and healthier foods you couldn’t chew with dentures, which are 75% less effective than natural teeth.

Keep Healthy Teeth Healthy

Implants prevent existing teeth from shifting and weakening, relieving them of extra strain placed upon them from eating.

Speak Better and More Clearly

Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t slip and shift in your mouth. Pronounce everyday words without any worry.