You may think that oral piercings look cool, but they can do a lot of damage to your teeth, gums, and tongue. Consider long and hard what the consequences may be before you get such piercings. Here are some of the types of damage we often repair that are caused by oral piercings.

Tooth Damage

An oral piercing can really mess with your teeth. If it is a lip ring, it will rub against one or more teeth, which can damage the enamel. It can also chip your teeth. Even worse than a lip ring is a tongue ring. This will hit your teeth as you eat and also as you talk. It does not take long for a tongue ring to damage your teeth.

Gum Damage

Oral piercings will also hurt your mouth by damaging your gums. Lip rings can rub against your gums, causing a tear or other irritation. Tongue rings are even worse for your gums with several studies suggesting that people who have tongue rings have a much higher instance of gum disease than those who do not have a tongue ring.

If you have any oral piercings, make sure that you take care of them while also taking extra care of your mouth. Do not miss brushings and make sure you use mouthwash. This will help keep down the number of bacteria that can lead to infection.

If you have oral piercings, and they give you any trouble, come in to see us right away. You do not want to risk infection. If you notice any damage to your teeth from the piercings, let us know so we can repair them. It is our recommendation that you do not get any oral piercings to begin with.