Not everyone is a candidate for traditional dental implant treatment. Especially if there are concerns about bone loss, where options like bone grafting may not be appropriate. Fortunately, Zygomatic dental implants provide a viable alternative. 

What are Zygomatic Implants? 

graftless dental implants

Zygomatic dental implants are a substitute dental implant design made for people who don’t qualify for bone grafting or have significant bone loss as a result of their missing teeth. Since we tend to lose more bone the longer we go with missing teeth, placing a traditional dental implant isn’t always a viable solution. 

The design of zygomatic (graftless) dental implants allows them to be positioned at an angle, maximizing the bone structure you still have. Zygomatic dental implants are a bit longer than conventional ones, so they’re able to reach further into the healthy bone above your missing teeth, including the zygomatic arch (cheekbone) for reinforcement. 

Zygomatic Implants Pros And Cons 

Zygomatic dental implants offer numerous benefits, especially:

  • Ideal for people who don’t qualify for traditional implants
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for bone grafting
  • Capable of supporting full-arch (All-on-4) implants
  • Extremely durable, so there’s no compromising on long-term results

As far as disadvantages, zygomatic implants:

  • Are only used in cases of severe bone and tooth loss
  • Are slightly more invasive to place than traditional implants
  • Require a bit more surgical and recovery time

Do I Qualify For Zygomatic Implants? 

The first step in dental implant therapy is consulting with a specialist to find out if you qualify for traditional dental implants. Even if a general dentist tells you that implants are not an option, it’s best to discuss your condition with an expert. 

If you don’t qualify for traditional implants, our DFW specialists will then determine if an alternative implant design—in this case, zygomatic dental implants—is appropriate. 

Zygomatic dental implants were specifically designed for people who don’t qualify for traditional implants. Since they’re placed in the bone differently than conventional designs, most people who lack appropriate bone support or don’t qualify for bone grafting do well with zygomatic implants instead. 

Any time bone grafting is not optional, either because of past complications, underlying health issues, or extensive bone loss, zygomatic implants ought to be considered.

To determine if you qualify for zygomatic dental implants (and most people with bone loss do), you’ll want to reserve a consultation with our DFW implant specialists. 

The Procedure  

Since zygomatic dental implants don’t require additional bone grafting, they can usually be installed at the earliest opportunity. In contrast, conventional bone grafting patients may need to wait 2-3 months before implant installation.

Placing these extended dental implants usually requires sedation for maximum comfort. This allows our patients to sleep through the procedure and wake up once it’s complete. If there are any teeth that need to be removed, we may be able to combine the extractions with the implant placement for a single treatment appointment. 

After your dental implants are installed, you’ll want to give yourself a day or two to rest. Take any medication as prescribed to help prevent swelling or irritation. More than likely, we’ll place an immediate interim appliance (like a temporary denture) to wear as your implants integrate with the bone. Within a few months, your temporary prosthesis will be changed out with a permanent, high-quality one. 

The Cost Of Zygomatic Implants

There are multiple factors that go into the price of zygomatic dental implants. Including how many implants are needed, which type of dental sedation you choose, if you require any extractions, and even which type of fixed prosthesis you choose. 

The best way to receive accurate zygomatic dental implant costs for your situation is to get a curated treatment plan from an implant specialist. That way, an expert can factor in each procedure necessary. These are then outlined on an itemized care plan, where additional information such as insurance coverage or financing can also be applied. 

It’s truly not possible to quote the price for zygomatic dental implants until each of these factors is taken into consideration. That being said, a typical smile reconstruction with zygomatic implants in Dallas will usually start somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-30k and go from there. Again, this range is fluid depending on the circumstances. ARCHPOINT provides no-obligation evaluations to answer all of your implant pricing questions well before you commit to any treatment.

Zygomatic Implant Success Rate 

The success rate of zygomatic dental implants is over 96%, making them nearly as predictable as conventional dental implants. Considering that there is no need for sinus lift surgery or bone grafting, you can expect amazing results after your procedure is complete. Traditional dental implants offer a 98-99% success rate, which is higher than any other modern restorative treatment. 

By working with a team of implant specialists like the dentists at ARCHPOINT, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll receive the highest level of care at all times. Specialized services help reduce your risk of complications and ensure the best outcome.

How Long Do Zygomatic Implants Last? 

Any properly-installed dental implant that’s looked after appropriately has the potential to last the rest of your life. That means cleaning around the implants thoroughly each day—with a toothbrush, floss, and/or water flosser—and scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist. By preventing plaque accumulation and gum inflammation around each implant, you are protecting them against peri-implantitis (the leading cause of implant failure.)

Since both traditional and zygomatic dental implants can last for decades, they provide the best return on investment of any modern tooth replacement treatment in DFW.

Zygomatic Implants In Dallas & Fort Worth 

ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry in Dallas and Fort Worth offers a wide range of dental implant therapies for our clients with missing teeth. Our implant specialists also provide zygomatic dental implants for individuals who don’t qualify for conventional implants or bone grafting. 

Experience the difference that our DFW dental implants have to offer. Contact one of our Dallas or Fort Worth offices today to reserve a no-obligation consultation and treatment quote.