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What Are Dental Implants?

Losing your teeth can be an incredibly embarrassing and painful situation. You may never want to smile again or even open your mouth widely because you are afraid people will laugh. You may have to avoid eating certain foods because they can hurt the gum or what’s left of the nerve in the tooth. Even if you get dentures or a bridge, you may still be self-conscious because of how they look. There’s also the chance that the dentures could slip or that you could get small bits of food up underneath them.

The solution to this is to get dental implants. These implants have some benefits over dentures, but they are still fairly new. Some people aren’t even sure what dental implants are. If you have not heard of this unique dental solution or want more information, here are the basics of dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants Made From?

Dental implants are small posts made from titanium that is set into your jawbone under the gums. These implants are permanent and will fuse with the bone after a few months. The replacement teeth can be made from a several different materials, including porcelain and acrylic.

How Do They Work?

Dental implants fuse into the jawbone, becoming a permanent and stable support system for the crowns that are placed on top of them. Once attached to the implants, you won’t have to worry about these replacement teeth slipping or moving. You also don’t have to worry about taking them out to clean them or replace them. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, create a bridge, or replace all of your teeth.

Originally, you would need a titanium implant for each replacement tooth. These implants acted as the root of the tooth and held the replacement in place. However, as dental technology and surgical methods improved, that’s no longer the case. The All-On-4® dental implants require only four posts for all of your upper or lower teeth. That means you only need eight implants total if you have to have all of your teeth replaced. This makes the surgical procedure shorter and makes recovery time shorter since all of these implants can be placed at once.

Once you have had the implants installed, you will wear a set of temporary replacement teeth for around three months. These implants will help your gums heal and will be used to make small adjustments to the model of your permanent teeth. We want to make certain that your final replacement teeth fit perfectly and are comfortable.

Why Get Implants?

Why should you go through the surgery and recovery time to get implants? When compared to traditional dentures, dental implants offer some different benefits. Because they are permanent, there’s much less you have to do with them. You don’t need to remove them at night or do anything extra to clean them. You do need to brush and floss as you do with your natural teeth, of course, but there’s nothing else that’s special. Implants also allow you to eat almost all foods, and unlike dentures, you don’t have to worry about sticky foods making them slip.

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