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Teeth in a Day - Ready for Immediate Use

Teeth in a Day at ARCHPOINTLosing your teeth is a nightmare for some. It can sap your confidence, make it difficult to eat your favorite foods, and cause much pain. Many even dread the “cure” for this issue. They believe dentures will be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, the dental industry has moved on from traditional dentures, and today, many people make use of implants. These advanced fake teeth are attached to titanium rods that are placed within the jawbone and gums. They look just like natural teeth, and they are much stronger than dentures. Today, the turnaround time for having implants installed is much faster than it originally was. In fact, you can even have a new set of teeth in a day!

Dental Implants in the Beginning

Unfortunately, implants did originally have their drawbacks. Placing even one implant could take weeks of healing time and multiple checkups. Replacing all of a patient’s teeth could take months, and they often had to wear dentures during that time. Only a few implants could be placed at once. Then the patient would have to spend several weeks or longer healing before going back for several more implants.

A New Option

With today’s All-On-4® implant system, fewer implants are needed. All your crowns can be held in place with just four titanium implants in the top of your mouth and four on the bottom. This means there’s much less recovery time and only one dental surgery to go through.

There’s no need to go through the bone grafting process, either. Some people don’t have enough jawbone in places, and with traditional implants, that was a problem. Typically, an implant was needed for each replaced tooth. That means bone had to be grafted into areas where there was not enough to hold an implant. By using the All-On-4® method, the anchor posts don’t always have to be placed in the same location. Patients who have less bone in one area may have enough in another section, so they are still able to have a new smile in a day. It’s also possible to place the implants at a certain angle so as to not require as much bone.

You Don’t Need Dentures

All of the implants and crowns are installed in one visit. That means you walk out of our office with a full set of brand new teeth. There’s no need to worry about wearing horrible dentures or learning how to deal with them.

In most cases, the teeth you have when you leave our office that day will be temporary. This set of teeth is designed to help your gums and mouth heal more quickly. Don’t worry—they still look natural and will not cause any discomfort or irritate your mouth. Within three months, you will return, and we will replace these temporary teeth with a set of permanent ones. This will be the last thing that needs to be done. As long as you keep your new teeth clean by brushing and flossing regularly, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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