Infection is a serious issue that may arise after having oral surgery. In order to take care of any issues that might arise, it is important to realize any symptoms that show that the area might be infected.

These symptoms should not be ignored. Once you notice them, give our office a call and our knowledgeable oral surgeons can provide further direction once they assess the situation.

Signs of Infection After Oral Surgery

There are many signs that can arise, and every patient is different. It is important to note that you may not notice all of these symptoms at the same time, you may just notice one or two of them. However, having any of them means that you should be assessed by one of our professionals here at the office.

• Bad breath and bitter taste in the mouth
• Fever
• Extreme pain or more than manageable pain in the mouth
• Swelling that is more than what is normal
• Swollen glands in the neck
• Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold items
• Difficulty moving the jaw or swelling in this area
• Redness in or outside of the area
• Pus that is clearly oozing from the site
• Having difficulty breathing or swallowing
• Bleeding for 24 hours or more that will not stop

Reduce your chances of infection when you follow the instructions given by our oral surgeon. These directions are provided to reduce the chances of having any infections or complications arise. Antibiotics may have been given after surgery and they should be taken as directed.

For more information on infections, or oral surgery in general, give our office a call to learn more. Our oral surgeons are knowledgeable and professional in what they do. We can work to clear up the issue and get you back on your feet once again. An infection is not something that should be ignored. Our office can help.