what is it like to get dental implants

As amazing as dental implant treatment sounds, what is it like to actually undergo the process? Understanding what to expect at our DFW dental implant clinic can put your mind at ease and help you better prepare for your journey toward a healthier smile. 

It Starts With a Consultation

First and foremost, getting dental implants begins with a consultation. What is it like? Our Fort Worth implant specialists will want to evaluate your oral anatomy, assess your medical history, and discuss what your goals are. Not everyone qualifies for the same type of dental implant treatment, so it’s crucial to work with a DFW expert who can advise you on which implants are best for your situation. 

During your consultation, we’ll review the pros and cons of the various types of implants you qualify for. From there, you can ask questions or learn more about the one that seems most appropriate. We’ll then walk you through what the process looks like. 

Most of our DFW implant patients will also get a 3D scan made, corresponding photographs, and possibly a separate X-ray. This additional imaging makes it possible to see into your bone from various viewpoints and consider surrounding oral anatomy as it relates to placing implants. 

We’ll Also Discuss Financing and Payment Arrangements

“How much do dental implants cost?” In Fort Worth, it’s a question we hear nearly every day. Since investing in implant therapy is something that lasts a lifetime, we carefully break down all of the fees and procedures involved in your smile transformation. 

Firstly, we’ll verify any coverage that you have through your existing dental insurance plan. If you don’t have insurance, that’s fine too. Whatever coverage you do have, we’ll work to help make sure you have access to all of the benefits that are allowed. 

If you have a health savings account/flex spending card, you can also use those funds to cover dental implant therapy. 

And yes, there’s financing. We offer flexible payment options for full implant costs or to be used alongside other coverage you may have. Depending on the terms, most people can enjoy 0% or low-interest financing and payment plans that easily fit into their monthly budget. 

Pre-Surgical Appointments

Placing dental implants requires an extensive amount of planning. Depending on the complexity of your case, you will probably want to plan on scheduling pre-surgical appointments for things like impressions, pre-op discussions, and selecting the aesthetic characteristics of how you want your new smile to look. 

The Surgical Placement: What is it Like?

Now it’s time for the actual placement of your dental implants. For most of our patients, the implant surgery is completed under dental sedation. This step ensures a comfortable experience from start to finish. There’s a good chance that you probably won’t remember very much about your appointment. 

Following the surgery, you’ll return home to recover (which takes about a day.) We’ll fit you with some type of an interim prosthesis to wear as your mouth heals and the dental implants integrate with your bone

Final Restoration Placement

It’s crucial that dental implant treatment is never rushed. Your new implants need to fully integrate with your supporting bone structure prior to affixing any type of permanent restoration. This osseointegration process is what makes implants so predictable and successful on a long-term basis. Depending on the individual, anywhere from 3-6 months may be necessary for your oral bone to fully fuse to the surface of your implants. 

As soon as your implants are 100% integrated, our DFW specialists can then attach your permanent restoration. This could be a ceramic crown, multi-tooth dental bridge, or something like an All-on-4 denture. 

If you’re getting a snap-on denture (overdenture), it may be necessary to update the immediate loading restoration you received on the date of your surgery. It’s natural for your oral bone and soft tissues to change after teeth are removed or implants are placed, so a newer, long-term prosthesis will ensure the most comfortable fit possible. 

“Do You Offer Same-Day Dental Implants?” 

One of our top priorities is to never let you leave our office with “missing teeth.” You depend on your smile to eat nutritious foods, communicate with friends, and show your true personality around loved ones. But with dental implants, it’s crucial to not place a permanent restoration on the same day that your implants are installed. Same-day dental implants and restorations could set you up for a higher risk of implant failure, due to the pressure placed on the implant and surrounding bone. In order for your investment to be successful, you need to make sure the bone and implant are fully integrated with one another. Rushing a natural process will only lead to unwanted side effects. 

After Your Implant Treatment

Investing in dental implants is a lifelong commitment. These restorations are designed to stay with you for decades at a time. Ideally, you’ll never need another tooth replacement treatment again. 

Caring for your dental implants on a day-to-day basis is key to their success. The best thing to keep in mind is to treat them like natural teeth. Brush them twice a day, floss daily, and never use your implants to open packages or bite into anything other than food. 

Easier Than You Might Expect

One of the most common comments we hear from first-time dental implant patients is that getting implants is easier than having a tooth removed. The process is predictable, straightforward, and much more comfortable than what a lot of people expect. 

Although there are various stages and visits involved, these steps are crucial to ensuring accuracy and long-term success. Dental implant treatment is never something you want to rush. 

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Archpoint Implant Dentistry offers comprehensive dental implant treatment in Fort Worth and DFW. If you’re considering getting dental implants, why not schedule a consultation to learn more about the individualized process for your needs? Contact us today to reserve a zero-pressure consultation.