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Are you still searching for the best DFW implant dentist? Choosing the right provider can feel overwhelming, especially in a large area like Dallas-Fort Worth. But as you’re looking for the right provider, there are some specific things you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are 7 signs to look for when you’re trying to shorten your list. 

1. The Best DFW Implant Dentist Offers a Variety of Services

The best DFW implant dentist (for you) will be the one who offers the treatment you’re looking for. Many dentists in the area advertise dental implants, but not all of them provide the same types of services. For instance, you might be looking to get All-on-4 treatment, or maybe you’re interested in learning more about implant stabilized overdentures (“snap-on” dentures.) Depending on the office, they may focus on one particular area of implant therapy but not any others. 

At ARCHPOINT we offer several different types of implant treatments because implants are not a “one-size-fits-all” type of solution. Some people need a different type of implant restoration than others. Being fluent in a variety of implant therapies allows us to better serve the diverse needs of our patients in DFW.

2. They’ve Got the Technology to Back Their Care

Installing dental implants is an extremely delicate process that affects all of the immediately surrounding structures. Although an implant can be placed using traditional dental X-rays, the better solution is to incorporate 3D CBCT scanning. 3D scans make it possible to evaluate your oral anatomy from every angle, well before your planned date of treatment. Virtually assessing or even digital placement of your implant ensures that there is adequate bone density and rules out other adjunctive steps in care, such as grafting or sinus lifts (when applicable.) 

At ARCHPOINT, our implant dentists have invested in the best resources possible for our patients. Utilizing 3D imaging allows us to provide the highest level of care — both for an efficient, successful procedure, as well as improved comfort — giving you the best outcome. 

3. The Best DFW Implant Dentist is an Expert

A dental implant expert is a board-certified specialist who has intensive post-doctoral training in a particular area of oral health care. Usually, it’s a prosthodontist, oral surgeon, or periodontist. 

Although a general dentist can technically place dental implants, they are not a “specialist” or “expert.” It’s up to the dentist to seek out additional training in implant therapy if they so choose. At that point, many general providers will home in on a specific type of implant service (see #1 on our list.)

By working with a team of implant specialists, you’ll know that you have immediate access to high-level care, regardless of the type of dental implant therapy you’re receiving. Their skill with extremely difficult or complex cases makes them fluent in providing care to a wider range of patients. 

4. You Don’t Have to Visit Different Offices

One of the hidden secrets about dental implant treatment is that a lot of family dentists will restore the implant, but not physically place it in their office. Instead, they’ll refer their patient to an implant specialist for the surgery, then work on coordinating the appointments to install the final crown, bridge, etc. That means driving back and forth between different dental offices or parts of town for the treatment to be completed properly.

Instead, it might be better (and more convenient) to choose a DFW implant specialist who completes the process start-to-finish under one roof. ARCHPOINT brings together specialists of all varieties to ensure successful care and aesthetic outcomes, without having to send you to another office. 

5. There are Sedation Options Available

A lot of people prefer to have their dental implant treatment completed under some type of sedation. Although it’s not required, the added level of comfort can put your mind at ease. When you feel relaxed, it’s easier to go ahead and complete all of your treatment at the same appointment. For services like All-on-4 implants or if you also require several extractions, dental sedation is recommended. 

Ask your DFW implant dentist which types of sedation they offer, and if they have a sedation provider on staff. 

ARCHPOINT provides in-house sedation dentistry with our implant therapy cases, allowing you to enjoy an extremely comfortable experience. Chances are, you won’t remember much of anything!

6. Payment Plans are Simple

Now for the elephant in the room: dental implant costs. It’s impossible to quote a price over the phone for dental implants, simply because so many variables are at play. The type of implants you need, adjunctive therapies required, the type of sedation you’re choosing, etc.  That doesn’t even include whether or not you have dental insurance benefits that you’re planning to use. 

The best DFW implant dentist will make the payment process simple and straightforward. Their treatment plan coordinators will outline the therapies recommended, incorporate your expected insurance portion, and then offer flexible payment options for any remaining balance. Perhaps you prefer to make low monthly payments, and if that’s the case, they can help you do so. 

At ARCHPOINT we offer different financial options and access to 3rd party dental implant lenders, making it easy to afford your care with or without dental insurance. 

7. You Feel Great in Their Office

There’s something to be said for the way someone makes you feel. Sometimes the best way to choose an implant dentist is to visit them for an exam and get a feel for their practice. Is it stuffy and impersonal? Do you feel like a number? Or is their team attentive to you and your needs? This final step is often the determining factor when it comes to selecting the best DFW implant dentist. 

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