DFW All-on-6 implants

Anyone who needs to replace all of their teeth at one time with dental implants has probably heard about “All-on-4” treatment. All-on-4 implants use—you guessed it—four implants to anchor a full arch upper or lower hybrid denture. But sometimes people need additional implants to support a full row of teeth. Four implants might not be enough. In those situations, our implant specialists will usually recommend two more implants, transitioning your appliance to an All-on-6 implant device. 

Choosing Between All-on-4 and All-on-6 Implants

Dental implants are extremely durable. Just one implant can support more biting pressure than one or two healthy teeth. That’s why we’re able to pair them together to anchor a full arch appliance. We set each implant at a strategic point inside your jaw to reinforce the biting pressure in that area. In ideal circumstances, four implants are the minimum that you need for supporting a 14-tooth-long hybrid appliance. 

You Might Need More Than 4 Implants

Unfortunately, not everyone fits the “ideal” four implant scenario. Sometimes issues with bone loss or narrow jaws don’t allow for the highest level of implant support. That doesn’t mean we have to completely rule out an All-on-4 implant system, but it does mean we may need to use additional implants as part of your smile reconstruction. We might add one or two more, converting the All-on-4 appliance into an All-on-6 treatment. 

Do I Need Six Implants?

Choosing between an All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant treatment is something that you’ll want to talk about one-on-one with one of our DFW implant specialists. It’s more of a cause-and-effect decision as opposed to one related to personal preferences. Ultimately your unique oral anatomy will be the determining factor. 

Is All-on-6 Treatment Any Different? 

No. All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant treatments are practically identical. There are no extra appointments or surgeries required because all of the implants are placed on the same day. You don’t have four placed now and then two more later. We decide ahead of time which appliance is best, then install your implants in one surgical appointment. 

The integration time for All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants are also identical. Each implant needs at least a few months to integrate with your bone, which is the process where the jaw fuses around the implant and anchors it into place. Since there are six fully-integrated implants instead of four, All-on-6 treatments provide a more secure foundation for your fixed appliance. 

Comparing All-on-6 Implants to Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the most traditional treatments for replacing missing teeth. Whenever you get a bridge, you have a pair of teeth or dental implants on either side of the missing tooth (or teeth). They act as anchors supporting the multi-tooth restoration in that space. Normally, bridges can only replace one or two missing teeth. Because at a certain point the bridge becomes too long and the teeth on either end can’t support normal biting pressure because of the physics involved. 

It’s a similar experience when we’re talking about full-mouth dental implants. Depending on the shape of your mouth and the bone foundation that we’re working with, four implants are usually the absolute minimum for a successful smile reconstruction. But if those implants need to be placed in a slightly different area because of bone anatomy, it changes the integrity of the overall prosthesis. At that point, just like a dental bridge, we would need to add additional implants underneath the fixed appliance. That’s why All-on-6 treatment is the next practical choice. 

Are Extra Costs Involved for All-on-6 Implants?

Does All-on-6 implant treatment cost more than All-on-4 implants? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on what other steps are involved in your smile reconstruction. For example, you might need extractions or sinus lift surgery with bone grafting, which impacts the total cost of your implant investment. Or maybe you prefer for your implants to be placed with numbing medication, instead of the typical sedation process. Since there are so many variables involved, it’s not necessarily true that All-on-6 implants cost more than All-on-4 treatments. 

How to Get a Price Quote on Dental Implant Treatment

It may seem frustrating at first, especially when you’re trying to budget for your smile reconstruction, but the most straightforward thing to do is to first meet with our DFW implant dentists for an evaluation. At that point, we can collect the data we need and evaluate your oral anatomy to work up a custom treatment plan. 

One of the steps we take at ARCHPOINT is to take a diagnostic X-ray and 3D scan of your mouth. This allows us to assess bone density, your overall oral anatomy, and have a clear picture about where your implants would need to be placed. After we discuss your goals, concerns, and review all of the options available, we can provide you with a detailed treatment plan as it fits those scenarios. 

How Much Will My Treatment Cost? 

Our treatment coordinators even contact your insurance carrier to get a breakdown of any coverage that you have, further minimizing all out-of-pocket fees. Your printed treatment plan is something you can take home, discuss with your family, or even compare to previous consultations you’ve had in the DFW area. 

Why Choose ARCHPOINT for All-on-6 Implants

Our DFW implant specialists are experts when it comes to full arch reconstruction and implant therapy. We have your best interests in mind, whether you only need one or two teeth replaced, or have been told by other dentists that implants aren’t even an option. With All-on-6 predictability and a team of specialists on your side, full mouth tooth replacement isn’t as off-limits as you may have assumed it was. 

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If you’re considering dental implants for full-arch tooth replacement, be sure to ask about All-on-6. If All-on-6 isn’t offered by your dentist, they may not have as many options available, limiting the treatment outcome. Fortunately, at ARCHPOINT, our specialists work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome and experience for every patient, allowing us to offer a wider menu of All-on-Implant options. 

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