finance dental implants DFW
finance dental implants DFW

Affording dental implants shouldn’t stand in the way between you and a healthy, functional smile. Unfortunately, a lot of people have misconceptions about affording dental implants altogether. When you’re familiar with your dental implant financing options, getting a new smile could be as simple as if you were to take out a small personal loan or finance a vehicle. The only difference is you’ll probably be using your new teeth more than almost anything else you’ve ever invested in before. 

Why Invest in Dental Implants?

First off, dental implants provide the very best return on investment of any type of tooth replacement in the industry. From dentures to partials to fixed bridges, none of them compare to the longevity and function that DFW dental implants have to offer. Since implants are usually a one-time investment (with good care they can last a lifetime) you’re not replacing them every 7-8 years like you would a denture or bridge. 

Chances are, there’s probably nothing else that you’ve ever invested in and kept for the rest of your life. And if you have, you know exactly what it is! With dental implants, you benefit from both the ease of eating all of your favorite foods and the confidence of smiling freely around other people (not to mention the added bonus of making a great first impression.) The investment in your oral health is priceless. 

First: Find Out if Your Insurance Covers Implants

Before you work out a payment plan for dental implant financing, it’s smart to check with your insurance carrier to maximize any benefits that you already have included in your plan. These could be applied to anything from therapeutic extractions leading up to your implant placement, bone grafting, or possibly utilizing your medical coverage toward sedation procedures. Every plan is different, so just be sure to have a copy of your insurance card on hand and your treatment coordinator will get a breakdown of what benefits can be applied. 

And don’t forget about timing your treatments around your annual benefits schedule. For most people’s dental insurance plans, the policy resets on January 1st each year. That means if you use up your benefits this year, they start over again during the next calendar year. 

Some insurance policies still consider dental implants to be an elective cosmetic treatment, especially with economical options like dentures so readily available. But that isn’t always the case, so we’ll want to check with your specific carrier during the initial treatment planning phase. 

3rd Party Dental Implant Financing

The most popular payment option for dental implants is a 3rd party financing program. Most of the lending is at 0% or low interest, making it much more affordable than, say, putting your dental implants on a credit card with a high-interest rate. And you can use these payment plans on any balance after your insurance is applied, reducing the total amount that you choose to finance, if applicable. 

If you want to make a down payment on your dental implants, you can do that too and then finance the rest. Most of our patients apply for financing right here in our office or online and get an immediate pre-approval. This process makes it easy to start your dental implant treatment as soon as you’re ready. 

For 0% financing, the terms usually allow a window of 6 or 12 months to pay back the balance. Other companies allow up to 90 months to pay back your treatment, with 0% interest for the entire duration of that period. You simply make low monthly installments. Any amount that’s left over after that timeframe then rolls into a fixed-interest payback option. Companies like CareCredit, Lending Club, and GreenSky can all be used on dental implants, other dental health services, or similar medical treatments, even if they’re elective procedures. 

Don’t Forget Your HSA

Have a health savings account (HSA)? You can also use your balance toward dental care procedures such as tooth replacement. When you combine your HSA coverage with your dental insurance or financing, it significantly lessens your overall investment. 

People with flex spending accounts (FSA) can also use their benefits toward dental care costs. 

If you have a care plan in advance, you can know how much to set aside in these types of accounts prior to scheduling your treatment, especially if it’s something you plan to start on in the next several months. 

Find Out How Much Dental Implants Cost

Every person’s smile is unique. What you need will differ from that of a friend or relative with missing teeth. You’ll want to have a custom treatment plan created to know exactly which procedures and related fees will be applied. Such as extractions, sinus lifts, bone augmentation, or gum grafting. This is one reason why it’s nearly impossible to quote the price of dental implants over the phone; every situation is different. Your ARCHPOINT care plan will have an itemized treatment plan with all fees disclosed up front. 

Low Monthly Payments on Dental Implant Financing

Whether you choose to use Lending Club, CareCredit, or GreenSky to finance your dental implants, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to make affordable monthly payments on the cost of your care. By setting a monthly budget ahead of time—the same way you would if you were to take out a home improvement or automobile loan—you can easily make your new smile a practical reality. 

Our treatment coordinators are happy to answer any questions you have about the financing process. With terms as long as 90 months (7.5 years) and up to $50,000, affording a brand new smile has never been more accessible. 

Financing your dental implants is just one option. There are several other unique ways to pay for dental implants that you might not have considered. 

Reserve Your Consultation Today

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