Snap-on Dentures

You will have an exciting experience with implant supported dentures, particularly if you have put off getting dentures for a long time. It will take some getting used to having new teeth, particularly when it comes to eating. The feeling of your new teeth will differ greatly from that of your old ones. Your mouth and tongue will adjust to the new feeling.

Take Your Time

It will initially be uncomfortable to eat with snap-on dentures. Recall to proceed cautiously and begin with soft foods. Consume only bite-sized or smaller portions. As you chew, take your time. You can also use both of your mouth’s sides when chewing by slicing your food into thin strips.

Take Careful Bites

First, try not to bite your front teeth. Using your front teeth may result in soreness and cause your denture to become unstable. Use your canines or eye teeth if you find yourself needing to bite down on something. See your dentist as soon as possible if you discover any sore spots. If you have sore spots, you might need an adjustment; contact your dentist right away.

Your Confidence Will Grow

Your confidence will increase as you eat more. Start incorporating firmer foods as you get more at ease. Never eat anything sticky or hard. Until you get used to your new appliance, you might find that it’s easier to chew food simultaneously on both sides of your mouth.

Long Term

You will be able to eat most of the foods you could when you had a full set of natural teeth as you get used to your new appliance. You may decide to stay away from nuts and seeds if you have snap-on dentures because they could slide under the appliance and irritate your gums. Additionally, keep away from hard, sticky foods as they can harm your dentures and necessitate expensive repairs.

Cleaning Your Appliance

Maintaining the cleanliness of both your mouth and your appliance is crucial for long-term success. You will receive specific instructions from your dentist for your unique situation. The majority of people who wear implant-supported dentures must use floss to maintain the health of their dental implants underneath the denture.

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