When you need to restore all of your teeth at once, an implant denture may be one of the best choices available. These innovative treatments help you restore your self-confidence, enjoy the foods you love, and make your smile one of your best accessories. 

But what exactly is an implant denture? Depending on who you ask, it can be a permanently attached, streamlined appliance or a removable “plate” that mirrors a traditional denture. Understanding the differences between the two can help you make the smartest decision about your smile’s future. 

Types of Implant Dentures

Although they fall into the same category, DFW implant dentures come in two uniquely different designs. One is permanent, the other is removable. 

All-on-4 (Hybrid Dentures) — One of the most popular types of implant dentures in DFW is the streamlined “All-on-4” system. If you’ve ever seen a dental bridge, the restoration is similar. Like an extended dental bridge that follows the contour of your smile, the implant restorations complete your entire upper or lower bite. The only difference is that instead of using an implant at each tooth site, we strategically place as few as four implants total. 

Since dental implants are extremely durable, these four implants can support the weight of your natural bite. Occasionally our DFW implant dentists may need to place up to 5-6 implants, but All-on-4 cases traditionally use four in total. 

Removable Overdentures — Implant stabilized dentures look almost exactly like a conventional denture. They have the same shape and size, restoring all of your teeth in that arch. The only difference between an overdenture and a traditional denture is that one is anchored onto dental implants. Overdentures have small locators on the under-side of them, nearest your gum tissues. These devices act like small buttons, allowing your denture to snap directly onto a partnering dental implant.

Depending on your unique oral anatomy, overdentures may require anywhere from 2-4 implants for support. One of our specialists will carefully select the exact point for implant installation, which provides a firm base for the attaching implant denture. 

Pros and Cons of Implant Dentures

Advantages of implant dentures include:

  • Permanently replace all of your teeth at one time
  • Attached or removable options
  • High success rate
  • Support your natural facial profile 
  • Highly aesthetic and functional
  • Customized to complement your unique appearance
  • Tailored to your budget
  • Complete smile restoration 

Are there any disadvantages to implant dentures? Sometimes, yes. Especially if the process is rushed (such as “teeth in a day”) where integration isn’t allowed to occur. Fortunately, we’re able to provide interim solutions so that you never have to go without a smile. 

There are also scenarios where a person may not qualify for dental implants. But since implant dentures use fewer implants in total, they’re ideal for non-traditional implant cases. Our thorough screening process will help to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate for treatment. Thanks to a team of specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we rarely have to turn anyone away. 

Which One is Right for Me? 

Although removable and permanent implant dentures are quite different, they each serve important roles. One is ideal for people who need improved denture stability at a more affordable cost. Or perhaps they don’t have healthy enough bone to support the weight of a full-arch appliance. The other is a streamlined design that eliminates the need for placing an implant in the exact location of each missing tooth. Rather, it capitalizes on implants’ ability of supporting the weight of multiple teeth at one time. It’s also streamlined, making it more comfortable to wear.

North Texas Dentures (Implant Supported)

Fixed implant dentures like All-on-4 are contoured to match your natural smile. Since they don’t cover the roof of your mouth it’s easier to speak and enjoy all your favorite foods. Best of all, permanent hybrid dentures provide the same biting and chewing capabilities as healthy anatomical teeth. 

Archpoint Dental is unique, in that we bring all of our specialists together into a central setting. From board-certified prosthodontists to experienced oral surgeons, the entire team is located under one roof. There’s no need to refer you back and forth between multiple locations or send you to a provider you don’t know. We’ve streamlined the dental implant experience on your behalf. Doing so allows us to provide a truly personalized approach to your care, where we attend to everything from your oral health needs to the emotional challenges of smile reconstruction. 

Our DFW dental implants are truly a life changing process. Most of our patients come to us after years of struggling with tooth loss and self-consciousness, only to wish they had taken the steps sooner. 

Dallas-Fort Worth Affordable Dentures and Implants

It’s common for current denture-wearers to come to us feeling frustrated. Especially if their denture feels loose or uncomfortable. An ill-fitting plate can make meals challenging and socializing seem impossible. It’s amazing to work with people with missing teeth, simply because we know how implant therapy can change their life for the better!

Depending on your unique situation, dentures can be retrofitted into removable overdentures or replaced with a new implant denture design. You may even be able to wear your current denture throughout the implant integration stages, as a temporary healing appliance. 

Our care coordinators will walk you through the treatment process to explain each step in detail. But we know one of the most important factors in your implant therapy is also the cost of care. For the most affordable implant dentures in DFW, you will likely want to select a stabilized overdenture (removable.) But if you prefer a permanent, minimal-impact solution, go for an All-on-4 style of treatment. 

DFW Dentures and Dental Implants Near Me

Our implant and cosmetic dentists (Fort Worth and Dallas) provide zero-pressure consultations. The more educated you are about your options, the more empowered you’ll be to take the steps toward healthier teeth. 

At Archpoint Dental in Dallas Fort Worth, we facilitate a personalized experience with the assistance of our on-site specialists. As experts in dental implant therapy, we’ll be honest with you about the possibilities for your smile’s reconstruction.

Reserve an implant denture consultation at one of our locations in DFW today. Flexible financing options are available. Contact us to reserve an appointment.