teeth in a day

Do You Really Want Teeth in a Day?

“Same day” dental implants DFW are a popular treatment. But can something that sounds so amazing and life changing truly be as good as it sounds? 

Although teeth in a day is possible in a few, selective cases, rushing through the dental implant experience can be detrimental to the long term success of your smile investment. Why? Because accelerated implants don’t allow for your body to naturally integrate with the newly placed implants, placing them at an extremely high risk of failure. 

However, there are a few disclaimers and exceptions to the rule. And the same goes for how you might prefer to define the “teeth in a day” procedure. 

Same Day Implants DFW

Are you looking for same day dental implants? DFW dentists may promise teeth in a day, but it might not be the best thing for your situation. 

Think about constructing your dream home. Rushing right into the foundation and framework can lead to complications before the ground you’re building on is ready for development. In the long run, you can experience foundation problems, leaks, or expensive plumbing repairs. All because construction was rushed or performed cheaply. 

The better option? Careful planning, an experienced professional, and ensuring a stable foundation. The same goes for your smile. Placing same day dental implants or “teeth in a day” should be an extremely selective process and only with extensive pre-planning which may take at least a few months. 

However, there are methods that are safe for restoring your smile without you ever having to go with missing teeth. Temporary implant dentures (Fort Worth) — sometimes called “overdentures” or an interim denture — can provide an aesthetic solution while your implants are stabilizing. That way you never have to go with missing teeth and your implant experience can be a success. Interim or “healing” dentures are short term restorations that come in handy for our patients who need multiple tooth extractions or are getting full mouth dental implants (such as All-on-4). 

Best Dental Implants DFW

For the long term success of your dental implant therapy, you want to work with a highly experienced implant provider with the technology to support an efficient care process. Through accurate planning and placement, you can safely reduce the length of your overall implant treatment time. 

Once implants are installed, we want to give them a minimum of three months for osseointegration to occur. This natural process is where your body’s own bone is attracted to the titanium implant surface, triggering new cellular growth that fuses to the implant. In time, the integration becomes so complex that your implant essential becomes a permanent part of your new smile. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Being educated about the start to finish implant experience can help you select the best provider and type of implants for your individual expectations. 

Implants and Dentures Fort Worth

Dentures Forth Worth like the ones we offer at Archpoint provide our patients with:

•    Full mouth reconstruction

•    Optimal aesthetics

•    Long-term durability

•    Predictable, gentle care

If you think that same day dental implants DFW are the only way you’ll be able to restore your smile, that might not actually be the case. Archpoint specialists can place your implants for full mouth restoration but fit you with an interim appliance throughout the osseointegration process.

Without complete, successful osseointegration, dental implants are much more likely to fail. That’s not something that we want for any of our patients. However, we know how crucial it is to not go about with missing teeth. That’s why we blend temporary solutions with long term efficacy for maximum cosmetic and therapeutic results. 

Your final full arch dental implants will provide maximum stability and aesthetic appeal, thanks to the custom design steps that we use throughout your care experience. The slimmer design makes it easier to speak clearly, enjoy your food (and all of the flavors), and smile with confidence around the people you love. Having realistic expectations and working with a highly experienced DFW dental implants team will ensure you find what you’re looking for. 

Understanding Teeth in a Day

For some people, “teeth in a day” implies having all of their failing teeth extracted and immediately replaced with a set of dental implants. The thing they don’t realize is that the restoration placed over their implants isn’t the permanent, long-term prosthesis that they’ll be living with for years to come. Rather, it’s an interim healing appliance that protects the implants as they integrate. And once they’re fully integrated, we can then affix a permanent, streamlined, hybrid device that fits more like an extended bridge. This permanent restoration fits securely and takes up far less room than the temporary overdenture does. 

Your mouth will slightly change as it heals post tooth removal. As gingival tissues and bone structures find their new shape, your interim prosthesis will gradually fit less accurately. That’s perfectly fine! The goal is to replace it with a permanent hybrid “all-on-4” type of device after a few months. But if you don’t know that going into your full mouth dental implants procedure, you’ll be sorely disappointed and caught off guard. Yes, you can theoretically get teeth in a day when you’re considering dental implants, but they won’t be the “permanent” ones that you probably expect. Rather, they’ll be an immediate temporary solution until your implants are integrated and ready to support the permanent restoration. 

Sedation Dentist Near Me

Part of streamlining your smile reconstruction is selecting an experienced sedation dentist “near me” right here in DFW. Archpoint provides comprehensive dental implant therapy — including full mouth restoration — with the help of onsite sedation to ensure a relaxing procedure from start to finish. With sedation dentistry, it’s possible to complete multiple steps of care in fewer appointments, simply due to the increased level of comfort. As a result, you’re able to save time, schedule fewer visits, and safely shorten the length of your implant experience. 

Don’t Rush Perfection

For predictable dental implants with an experienced team of experts and onsite sedation, call Archpoint Implant Dentistry today. We have two convenient locations in Fort Worth and Dallas, serving the greater DFW community. Flexible financing plans are available.