advantages of dentures and implants in DFW

Our dentures and implants in DFW are life changing. But don’t take our word for it. When you’re considering the best type of tooth replacement treatment available, make sure you weigh these five big advantages of what today’s dental implants have to offer. 

1. They’re Designed to Last for Life

Dental implants are the one and only restoration that has the potential to last the rest of your life. Since they’re completely biocompatible and your bone naturally fuses to the surface, a fully integrated dental implant can stay put for decades to come. As long as you care for them properly, you can completely expect most implants to last a lifetime. 

Technically speaking, the success rate of dental implants is somewhere around 98-99%. That’s higher than any other proven dental restorative technique. Ultimately your cost of stabilized dentures and implants in DFW is one that promises one of the best returns on investment

The key to ensuring your implants last a lifetime, however, is to have your procedure completed with an extremely experienced DFW implant specialist. Their skill and resources are integral in the success of the overall treatment. 

2. Dental Implants are Non-Invasive to Other Teeth

In years past, replacing a tooth with a dental bridge meant filing down the two teeth on either side of it, so that the restoration could fit over them. Although it was effective, this process physically altered and weakened the supporting teeth. Even though the treatment is still used today, there’s a better and far less-invasive alternative available: dental implants. 

When we place dental implants, they rest directly inside of the bone similar to a tooth root. They can be installed immediately next to another anatomical tooth without ever physically touching it. That means zero alteration to those teeth and you’re able to maintain the integrity of those structures rather than weaken them. 

As an added bonus, filling in the gap with an implant helps maintain natural tooth spacing and alignment. That way your adjacent teeth won’t tilt inward into the space, creating a chain reaction of tooth misalignment.

3. Implant Designs Help Prevent Premature Aging

Anytime you lose a tooth, the bone in that area will begin to resorb or shrink, becoming thinner and shorter than it was before. In turn, that bone loss can jeopardize the integrity of the teeth on either side of it. From the outside, those thinner and shorter jawlines then lead to a lack of support for soft facial tissues like your lips and cheeks. That’s why people with extensive tooth and bone loss tend to have sunken-in or shorter-looking facial features. Tooth loss and bone loss contribute to the physical aging process of our facial profiles. 

Fortunately, dental implants can counteract that process. Since implants promote healthy bone structure and integrate with your bony tissues, they help maintain your normal facial profile. Instead of seeing bone shrinkage and facial changes, the dental implants provide support for your overall oral anatomy. So even if you’ve lost teeth, you don’t have to look older than you really are. 

4. You Can Treat Dental Implants Like Natural Teeth

Everyday care for dental implants is almost identical to cleaning natural teeth. A toothbrush and flossing device are all that you need. We recommend a water flosser instead of traditional floss, especially if you have an implant bridge or something like ultimate fit dentures. That way you can clean underneath the appliance near your gums, without having to weave traditional floss in and out of those spaces. 

The key with implant maintenance is to keep your gums healthy. Just like anatomical teeth, you don’t want the gums to develop gingivitis. If your gums become infected or swollen, it can lead to bone loss around your implants. Fortunately, good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups is usually all that you’ll need. 

Are you committed to brushing twice a day and flossing (or water flossing) at least once a day? Then you’ll be able to maintain your implants for years to come!

5. Implants Work for Single, Multiple, or All of Your Teeth

Versatility is one of the biggest advantages of implants. In most cases, dental implants are recommended for single tooth replacement because it prevents grinding down adjacent teeth to fit a bridge over down. The implant stands independently of everything else and when you top it off with a crown, it’s like having a normal tooth all over again.

But when you have a few teeth missing in a row, dental implants are still more than applicable. We can just place a pair of them to anchor a multi-tooth prosthesis instead of having to install a one-to-one implant for every tooth that’s missing. 

And then there’s full mouth reconstruction. Easily restore your entire arch of teeth with our dentures and implants in DFW. As few as 4-6 implants can be placed at strategic points in your jaw to anchor a full arch of gorgeous new teeth. 

Dental implants are one of the only modern options out there that restore your smile no matter how many teeth are missing. They’re truly customizable to the individual. So even if one of your friends got one type of implant treatment, you may want one that’s completely different. 

Ultimate Fit Dentures

When you combine dentures and implants in DFW you can expedite your smile reconstruction experience. Ultimate fit dentures bring the best of hybrid denture designs with the stability of implants underneath them. Enjoy a comfortable — yet attractive — restoration that brings out your best. From smiling in photos to enjoying all of your favorite foods again, ultimate fit dentures paired with DFW dental implants can be truly life changing. 

Dentures and Implants in DFW

Archpoint Implant Dentistry is your choice provider for dentures and implants in DFW. Our team of exceptionally skilled implant experts can make your dream smile a reality. If you’re ready to restore your smile and replace your missing teeth, we encourage you to schedule a zero-fuss consultation with our specialists. Contact us today to get started!