Same day dental implants

Are you looking for teeth in a day (in Fort Worth and Dallas)? If so, then you’ve probably been wondering how dental implants fit into the equation. Especially full mouth rejuvenation options like All-on-4 implant treatments. 

The fact is, there are a lot of misconceptions and untold truths about the “teeth in a day” process. Remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? That’s definitely something you want to keep in mind if you’re just starting to explore the options of DFW teeth in a day. 

What are Teeth in a Day?

In simplified terms, teeth in a day dental implant treatment replaces all of your missing teeth in just one appointment. You go to your dentist, have dental implants installed, and walk out with a brand new smile. 

Simple, right? 

Sort of. Except that’s not all there is to it.

Teeth in a Day and Temporary Teeth

Every dental implant needs at least 3-4 months to integrate with your bone. Integration is where the bone forms around the implant and permanently fuses with its textured surface. Once your implant is fully integrated, it’s not going anywhere. It becomes a permanent part of your new smile. 

That’s where special considerations come in regarding teeth in a day. Let’s say you’re having your dental implants installed and a same-day appliance attached to them. Yes, you will have brand new teeth in a day. But…

Yes, there’s a “but”…

Your same-day dental implant appliance is actually a healing prosthesis. You’ll wear it on your dental implants full time for 3-4 months or more as your implants fully integrate. During this period, it’s important that you stick to a soft diet so that you don’t put too much pressure on your implants underneath. 

The advantage of a temporary healing prosthesis is that you have a great-looking smile and get same day teeth while you’re waiting for your implants to completely integrate. Since your immediate appliance is only worn for a short amount of time, it’s made from much more affordable materials like acrylic, which don’t typically last as long as something like zirconia. 

Why a Final Hybrid Design is Required

Throughout the integration and healing process, the curves and contours of your gums and bone will slightly change. This can create fit issues with your same day implant appliance and is another reason why we replace it with a permanent one after integration is complete. So yes, you do receive an immediate implant appliance on the same date as your implant installation, but we’ll want to update it with the permanent version a few months later. Bottom line, you won’t have to leave the office with any missing teeth; you’ll always have something to smile and eat with, even if it’s not the long-term version. 

We prefer to use a more durable, high-quality material for your permanent All-on-4 appliance. In this case, zirconia. Zirconia is extremely hard and aesthetic, providing the best results when it comes to a permanent smile. But it shouldn’t be installed immediately after an implant procedure, which is why we wait until your mouth is fully ready. 

With zirconia, you have the flexibility to design the perfect smile. Everything from the exact color and size to shade and alignment of your teeth is adjustable. Yes, you can even purposely add minor discrepancies in your new “teeth” if you choose to do so!

Since zirconia is so strong, you’ll be able to eat practically anything that you want (other than rocks, of course! And never use your new teeth to open things like bottles, packages, etc.) Steak, crispy apples, carrots, and nuts are all just fine. It’s just like having healthy, natural teeth all over again. 

Why You Need an Experienced Implant Specialist

Not all dentists who offer teeth in a day use zirconia. Many of them only provide the temporary healing prosthesis that’s made out of acrylic, or don’t disclose that you’ll need to replace/update your restoration within the next few months. We like our implant clients to know exactly what to expect, before ever committing to something as life changing as All-on-4 implants. 

Zirconia is a unique material in that not every implant dentist works with it. You typically need a more experienced specialist who has their own lab and is familiar with using zirconia on an everyday basis. Because of its unique characteristics, the harder textures make it a bit more tedious to work with. Selecting an implant expert who knows how to craft the materials for your final All-on-4 appliance will ensure:

  • The most aesthetic results
  • High quality restorations
  • A better fit
  • Customized smile design

…and you’ll get to be involved in the entire design process from start to finish. 

“Can I Get Teeth in a Day?”

Yes…and no. You can get some type of dental appliance (healing prosthesis) on the same day that your All-on-4 dental implants are installed. But it will only be for temporary purposes. As such, it’s made out of a less durable material such as acrylic, like traditional dentures. You’ll also want to only eat soft foods for a few months.

After your implants are fully integrated, we’ll switch your healing prosthesis out with a permanent smile design made out of zirconia. Your zirconia appliance is expertly crafted for optimal cosmetics and integrity. It will be the closest thing you’ll ever have to natural teeth. Their durability means you’ll be able to eat anything you want. Plus, rebuilding your smile will help support a healthy, fuller, more youthful looking facial profile. 

Your DFW All-on-4 Experts

At ARCHPOINT, you can take a nap and wake up with an entirely new smile. We value the input of every patient, considering your preferences and goals for each smile design we complete. 

Reserve a complimentary consultation at our Dallas or Fort Worth dental implant clinic today to find out if All-on-4 implants are right for you! Flexible payment options are always available.