difference between dental implants and teeth

One of the biggest concerns that people have about dental implants is worrying whether or not other people will be able to tell their smile isn’t natural. When you’re going to invest in something as dramatic as an entirely new smile, you want it to look and feel great. Can you tell the difference between dental implants and real teeth? Especially if it’s full arch dental implants?

Compared to a lot of other tooth replacement options on the market, dental implants offer the best return on investment. Not only are they extremely predictable and durable, but they’re the only solution that’s modeled after natural tooth anatomy. All that being said, can you tell the difference between a full arch implant system and your natural teeth? 

The Shape of a Hybrid “All-on-4” Implant System

Hybrid full arch implants are different than a conventional denture, which covers the entire roof of your mouth. Systems like All-on-4 implants use a more streamlined shape that only covers the arch of your jaw, rather than the full palate. 

This uniquely slim design makes your implant teeth feel and function more comfortable than conventional dentures. That being said, they’re slightly wider than something like a traditional dental bridge, which only replaces the “tooth” portion of your smile. An All-on-4 system will include all of the teeth as well as the immediate gum area next to them. By designing them this way, we can ensure a consistent appearance from one side to the other, without your teeth looking “fake.”  They’ll smoothly blend from tooth to gum tissue for a more natural look. 

Talking with Implants vs. Natural Teeth

One of the biggest differences between a tooth replacement treatment and your natural teeth is the sound of your speech. Everything from the way you articulate certain sounds to slurring can be noticeable. After all, our teeth are just as important as our lips and tongue when we’re speaking. 

If you’re someone who wears dentures, you know all too well how much they can change the way you talk. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case with dental implants. Since implants are slimmer than dentures and take up less room in your mouth, they’re easier to move your tongue around whenever you’re speaking. That means fewer changes to your typical speech patterns, and in turn, more natural-sounding voice articulation. 

Even though there could be a slight adjustment to talking with implants, it’s extremely minor. Practicing at home or in front of a mirror for a few days should really be all you need for people to not notice a difference. 

Is it Different Eating with Dental Implants and Real Teeth?

Aside from having something permanently fixed in place, the biggest perk of having dental implants is that you can basically eat whatever you want. You won’t have the same dietary restrictions that you do with a denture or partial. 

Each of our DFW full arch implants is made from an extremely durable material called zirconia. Zirconia can essentially hold up to anything that natural teeth would, plus some. So, biting and chewing things like a steak, apple, or even a piece of beef jerky really shouldn’t be an issue. 

Since you can eat whatever you want with implants, you don’t have to worry about mealtime with family and friends. Nothing really changes and you don’t have to stick to any special diets. Order whatever you like! Not only is your diet more diverse, but you won’t have to worry about dentures slipping in front of other people. 

How Your Dental Implants and Real Teeth Look When You Smile

Zirconia dental implants are the most realistic-looking type of tooth replacement that you can find. It’s highly aesthetic, giving a natural sheen whenever you’re smiling or talking to other people. We can even specify the exact size, contour, and hue of each tooth on your All-on-4 appliance

With a lot of other tooth replacements, people can tell your “teeth” are fake. All-on-4 is crafted extremely carefully so that it’s the most lifelike restoration that we can provide. 

Replacement teeth should not look identical from one person to the next. If your teeth look perfectly colored and shaped from one side to the other, it can give the illusion that something isn’t quite right. But adjusting your All-on-4 to fit your facial characteristics and mouth shape will ensure they look more natural.

Your Implant Dentist and Material Choices Matter

One of the most important factors for natural-looking implants is selecting a highly experienced implant dentist and lab. Some providers use cheaper materials like acrylic, which typically aren’t as attractive or lifelike. The acrylic is also less durable than zirconia, which can impact their future appearance. 

If you see a deal that seems too good to be true, there is probably a difference in the materials or lab your dentist is using. Ask to view different types of All-on-4 materials side by side, so that you can compare them to one another. With zirconia implants, you’re getting the most lifelike and durable solution for your long-term investment. 

The Major Difference: Your Home Care Routine

Perhaps the biggest difference between natural teeth and All-on-4 implants is your home care routine. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of taking anything in and out every day. You can also brush your teeth like normal, just make sure you’re spending a little time along the edges of your prosthesis. 

However, you do need to adapt the way you clean under your All-on-4 and around each supporting implant. This will be the main “giveaway” if you’re worried about someone being able to tell you don’t have natural teeth. Since you need to clean between your prosthesis and gums, extra aids such as a water flosser, tufted floss, or a proxy brush will be required. But if you’re discreet about how you use your water flosser, other people may never be able to tell the difference!

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