how much do dental implants cost

If you have missing teeth, you’ve probably heard about what a great return on investment dental implants has to offer. But how much do implants cost in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, and can you afford them?

Cost of Implants vs. How Many You Need

Hands down, the biggest variable in dental implant costs in DFW or anywhere else, is the number of implants you need. You typically don’t need a 1-to-1 ratio of implants to missing teeth unless you’re only restoring individual teeth at certain parts of your mouth. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they don’t have to place an implant for every tooth that’s missing. When you’re restoring an entire arch of teeth, you usually only need 4 to 6 dental implants. 

Since implants are so strong, they’re able to work together to safely support the weight of multi-tooth prosthetics. This design helps keep total treatment costs down while also minimizing the surgical procedures required. Fewer implants don’t mean a weaker smile; implants are still stronger than natural teeth. If you think dental implants are out of your budget, remember that you may not need as many as you think that you do. Someone with all 32 of their teeth missing may only need 8-12 implants total.

Cost of Implants vs. The Type of Restoration You Choose

Dental implants are only half of the tooth replacement process. Since implants serve as the “roots” to your new teeth, you’ll need to select the best restoration to go on top of them. In other words, a prosthesis that you see when you’re smiling or talking. 

Depending on how many teeth you’re replacing and what your budget is for dental implants, this cost is one of the main variables when tabulating your investment. Some types of implant prostheses are lower cost than others. Just keep in mind that the price of each restoration depends on things like the materials that are used, how many teeth are being restored, and whether it’s a fixed prosthesis or something like a removable same-day overdenture

Does Dental Insurance Cover Implants?

In most cases, yes, you can use your dental insurance coverage toward implant treatment. 10 or 20 years ago, that might not have been the case. The fact that insurance covers dental implants is a relatively new thing. And it’s mostly because implants have evolved so much, that they’re now regarded as the gold standard for tooth replacement. 

Even though dental insurance does cover implants, it probably won’t take care of the total costs involved. Just like other dental treatments—such as fillings or crowns—your insurance plan usually covers a set percentage of the procedure, such as 80% or 50%, minus any deductibles or co-pays that are required. And remember your annual allowable, which is the total amount your insurance will cover each year, regardless of what treatment is needed. 

Implant dentists will have treatment coordinators who work with you and the insurance company to tabulate the total investment required, minimizing any out-of-pocket expenses on your part. The good news is that anything not covered by insurance can usually be financed on a month-to-month basis if you prefer not to pay for it outright. That way you don’t have to wait to replace your missing teeth. 

The Best Return on Investment for Missing Teeth

There’s absolutely no argument that can be made against the return on investment of dental implants. To put it bluntly, dental implants simply offer more “bang for your buck” when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In other words, you’re investing in your smile’s long-term health and function. Financing a slightly more expensive dental treatment prevents you from having to incur additional costs in the future, essentially saving you money in the years to come. Besides implants, no other tooth replacement can do that. 

Are Dentures Cheaper Than Implants?

Yes, dentures are cheaper than dental implants. At least initially. Most acrylic dentures still need to be updated or replaced every several years as they wear out or the shape of your mouth changes. They’re not the “once and done” solution that a lot of people think they are. So even if you see an ad somewhere for affordable dentures, you’ll need to keep in mind that there will be incurred costs sprinkled throughout your future. Whereas dental implants could potentially save you money throughout the years to come. 

Other Cost Factors to Keep in Mind

Aside from the actual cost of dental implants, other fees may need to be worked into your treatment plan. These can impact the total out-of-pocket costs related to a smile makeover. For instance, if you need sinus lift surgery, bone grafts, or sedation, those factors will need to be considered. They don’t apply to everyone, but they’re common enough that you don’t want to assume it’s not a cost you’ll need to budget for. 

Price Quote for Cost of Dental Implants

The only way to know for sure how much dental implants cost is to speak to an implant dentist about your specific situation. Since there are so many variables involved—from the type of implant restoration you need to how many implants you’re getting—the price can fluctuate by hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Implant specialists at ARCHPOINT know and understand that the price of implants is a major determining factor as to whether or not someone seeks out treatment. That’s why we always begin your consultation process with a complete exam and treatment plan workup first. We can discuss all of the variables at play and when appropriate, offer you more than one option to consider. 

Truth be told, even though dental implants typically cost more than bridges or dentures up front, they help save you money over the grand scheme of things. Implants tend to be a one-time investment that can last for life, rather than something you’re constantly updating every 5-10 years. 

Learn more about your unique needs and how they’ll affect your cost of dental implant treatment (in DFW). Request a consultation at ARCHPOINT today to get started.