full mouth restoration

One of the common acronyms we use in dental implant dentistry is “FMR”. Depending on who you ask, FMR can stand for “Full Mouth Reconstruction”, “Full Mouth Restoration”, or “Full Mouth Rehabilitation”. No matter which one you prefer, they all share the same goal: repairing damage to your teeth and helping you enjoy a healthy smile again

Most FMR patients struggle with conditions like multiple missing teeth, gum disease, or teeth that need to be removed because of extensive decay. At ARCHPOINT we think of Full Mouth Rehabilitation as a way to completely transform the way your mouth looks and functions, giving you a completely blank slate to work with and enjoy. 

Getting Your Mouth Healthy Again

The first step to any FMR case is stabilizing active disease. If you have teeth that are extremely damaged because of periodontal infections and decay, we’ll want to see what we can do to stop the cycle. Maybe you want to try to save some of your teeth or take them out and start from scratch. We’ll want to identify the source of infections so that you know how to stop it from spreading to adjacent teeth. 

Addressing Teeth That Need Attention

Even though dental implants are an amazing solution for replacing missing teeth, we want to help you retain healthy, natural teeth whenever possible. Perhaps you have a moderate cavity that could easily be repaired with a filling, as opposed to removing it and placing an implant. Or if you have a tooth that’s fractured, a dental crown could be all you need. We’ll let you know what we see during your exam so that you can understand what type of “game plan” you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Replacing the Teeth That are Missing or Need to be Removed

Most full mouth rejuvenation cases involve replacing a large number of missing teeth and removing teeth that are otherwise non-restorable. As in, there’s no other options to repair or retain them. Performing root canals, crowns, or bridges would still be fairly iffy, considering the structural status of those teeth. In that case, we recommend therapeutic extractions and then replacing those teeth with dental implants. 

Finding a Restoration Plan that Works for You

The beauty of rehabilitating your smile with dental implants is that it allows you to have ultimate control of what your new smile looks and feels like. 

Work with Your Own Budget. 

One great thing about full mouth restoration with dental implants is that you get the best return on investment. Implants outlast and outperform every other type of dental restoration out there, so they’re the best option when you want to use your financial investments wisely. 

Every smile plan incorporates your dental insurance coverage, if applicable. Our treatment coordinators will help to break down your benefit schedule so that you have an estimate of what’s covered and how much is included in your plan. You always know what you’re committing to. Any balance that isn’t covered by insurance can easily be financed through one of our affordable payment plan options. Easily start on your smile transformation as soon as you’re ready.

Establish a Timeline That Works for You. 

Not ready to rush into things? No problem. We can work at your pace. Your customized care plan will map out the stages of treatment required to help you achieve the smile you’re looking for. A healthy, strong smile isn’t something that happens overnight. But if you do need fast or even temporary options, we can make those work too! Some people prefer a same-day solution to get them by, while they plan for a durable and permanent prosthesis in the future. ARCHPOINT will explain the time commitment for various implant therapies so that you can plan accordingly and never have to go around with missing teeth. 

Choose the Treatment Most Appealing to You. 

There’s no “one” perfect smile plan for everyone. The beauty of using dental implants for your full mouth reconstruction is that you can pick and choose the right types or restorations for your lifestyle. For instance, you may prefer something as simple as a stabilized overdenture that snaps in and out of place. Or maybe you want All-on-4 permanent dental implants to replace your entire upper arch of teeth. And if you have a few teeth that are still perfectly healthy, you can use single dental implants or pairs of implants between them, to support matching crowns and bridges. At ARCHPOINT we review all of the applicable options with you, so that you can play a key role in your smile’s reconstructive process. 

Financing Your Treatment

ARCHPOINT dental implant centers work closely with our patients’ insurance carriers to help them maximize their existing coverage on all smile rejuvenation treatments. If you prefer to make affordable monthly installments on your FMR case, easily take advantage of one of our 0% or low-interest financing options. Apply for immediate coverage on any procedure. 

Choosing the Best Implant Dentist

A lot of dentists can help you plan your dental implant treatment and even deliver the restoration that goes on top of them. But they frequently refer you out of the office to a specialist to have your actual implants installed. Or they have to arrange for another provider to come into their practice on certain days each month to perform the procedure in their office. All of the extra people involved can create some restraints and barriers. Especially if you really want to have a relationship with your provider or need to make sure your insurance plan can be applied to treatment. 

At ARCHPOINT, we walk you through the complete full mouth reconstruction process step by step. Each stage of your dental implant therapy is completed right here in our office, so there’s no confusion about who to see next, how much it’s going to cost, or the number of appointments involved. Everything is clearly defined with the same team from day one, so if you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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