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If you’re considering getting something as life-changing as dental implant treatment, you want to make sure you choose the right dentist or specialist for the job. How can you know for sure that you’re selecting the best dentist for implants to perform your treatment? 

Not all dentists are implant specialists. And only certain specialists are “implant dentists.” We’ll discuss the various implant specialists that exist—such as prosthodontists, periodontists, and oral surgeons—so that you can more easily choose the best type of dentist to perform your dental implant procedure. 

Why does it matter which dentist you choose? Because implant specialists have additional training, resources, and experience to ensure something as complex as full mouth reconstruction is delivered safely and with a predictable outcome. You don’t want to risk anything less. 

What Are Dental Implants For? 

Dental implants are a unique type of tooth replacement that’s made to last a lifetime. They don’t rely on other teeth for support like bridges or partials do. And they aren’t removable or bulky like dentures. DFW dental implants are the only tooth replacement that physically mirrors the appearance of natural, anatomical teeth. Both aesthetically and functionally. 

The independent design of implants makes it possible to place them adjacent to your existing teeth. They eliminate the need for reshaping teeth to anchor a bridge or wearing a removable partial denture. Even in the instance of full-mouth reconstruction, as few as four implants can permanently anchor a hybrid All-on-4 appliance. 

Who Is Best Qualified To Do Dental Implants? Best Dentist for Implants.

Before becoming a licensed dentist, every dental student must complete four years of dental school, including rotations and residencies in various care settings. They have a broad knowledge of all aspects of dental care by the time they’re ready to sit for their board exams. After passing their boards, they are licensed to perform general or family dentistry.

However, some dentists choose to return to school for an additional 2-3 years to specialize in specific areas of care. Once they do, they become experts in their field and only provide care within that specific area of dentistry. Additionally, these specialists can go on to become board-certified, with further credentials to show their level of expertise. Prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists are just a few examples of the types of dental specialists recognized by the ADA. They are the only three types of dentists who specialize in dental implant therapy and are the best dentist for implants.

Choosing a prosthodontist or oral surgeon expert ensures that the entire implant procedure can be performed by that provider, regardless of its complexity. General dentists often refer their implant clients to these specialists for their implant placement. Prosthodontists are experts in smile reconstruction and oral surgeons in surgical procedures; both are two types of implant specialists. 

For comparison’s sake, it would be like your primary care physician sending you to an endocrinologist to manage your diabetes or to a surgeon to have a broken bone repaired. Legally, they could treat you, but the outcome would likely be completely different than if you chose a specialist for your care to begin with. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

The actual placement of a dental implant requires extensive knowledge of bone anatomy, nerve placement, and soft tissue management away from the teeth. Many dental implant specialists—like the ones here at ARCHPOINT—use 3D imaging to help digitally place the implants prior to the surgical procedure. Especially in instances where the patient has gone an extended amount of time with missing teeth or has excessive bone loss. Once it comes time to place them, implant specialists can do so in a predictable manner; after all, they’ve done the same thing hundreds of times before! Whereas a general dentist might not ever place them at all. 

Are Dental Implants Safe? 

Absolutely. Especially when you select the best dentist for implants. The dental implant process is a precise, yet minimally-invasive, procedure that can predictably restore your smile once and for all. In fact, it’s safer to get dental implants than it is to place something like a fixed bridge because of how those restorations affect your existing teeth. 

Working with an implant specialist will further enhance your safety throughout the procedure. Especially if you’re a unique case where sinus lift surgery or bone augmentation is being performed. Or if you’re getting zygomatic dental implants because you don’t qualify for traditional designs.

Additionally, a licensed dental specialist will also be able to provide deeper levels of sedation in their practice because of their training and licensure, and are the best dentist for implants. For example, at ARCHPOINT, we can complete your dental implant treatment at our Dallas or Ft. Worth location with a sedation medication that allows you to feel like you’re napping throughout the entire placement. Many of our specialists have had intense levels of training within hospital and surgery settings in addition to their formal education, providing them with an intimate understanding of patient safety during surgical procedures. 

Prosthodontist & Oral Surgeon in Dallas and Fort Worth (The Best Dentist for Implants)

At ARCHPOINT, we have a team of dental specialists who have dedicated their careers to enriching other people’s lives through dental implant therapy. Not only are they dental implant experts, but it’s also all that they do!

ARCHPOINT has different licensed experts on staff, like prosthodontists and oral surgeons, who work together to provide comprehensive reconstruction of smiles every day of the week. Their experience, education, and devotion to the field of dental implant therapy are what make us one of the best resources for anyone with missing teeth. 

By bringing the best DFW dental implant specialists together, ARCHPOINT facilitates a safe, predictable experience for every patient. Regardless of the complexity of your smile needs or how many teeth are being replaced. 

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