DFW smile design
DFW smile design

Dental implants are used to support replacement teeth and improve the appearance of your smile by replacing one, several, or all of your teeth at one time. But did you know that you can actually design your new smile? Many dental implant patients think they’re stuck with whatever the dentist gives them, but this isn’t necessarily true; with dental implants, you have more control over the aesthetic outcome than you think! 

Let’s take a look at how you can use dental implants to create your own unique smile and feel confident about the way you look. 

A Smile Full of Straight Teeth

Implants can make your smile whiter, straighter, fuller, and younger-looking. If you had crooked teeth in the past, dental implants will make your smile straight. No braces are necessary! This can give you a more confident look and make your smile easier to care for in general. 

The shape of your implant restoration, such as a multi-tooth dental bridge or a fixed “All-on-4” appliance, will be contoured to the anatomy of your jaw and facial profile. This allows our DFW implant dentists to install a prosthesis that straightens your smile and is 100% functional. The overall alignment of your implants will give you naturally straighter looking teeth, but no braces are needed. 

Whiter Teeth Across Your Smile

The dark pigmentation on some people’s teeth may not even respond to whitening gels because of internal discoloration. Over time, these stains become ingrained in tooth enamel, so they’re very difficult to remove even with regular cleanings and great oral hygiene. 

For someone who has dealt with severe dental staining or discoloration because of diseased, dying, or decaying teeth, dental implants can be a great way to brighten up your smile. The fixed prosthesis on top of your restoration is shaded according to your personal preferences, allowing you to achieve the brightest white possible, or more of a natural hue if that’s what you like. Plus, any implants that are placed directly next to your other healthy teeth will be matched in such a way that you won’t be able to distinguish which teeth are “real” or not. 

Regain Self-Confidence With a New Smile

Missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed and not want to go out in public. Things like parties, work lunches, or even smiling around your family may cause you to feel self-conscious or hesitant about interacting with other people. Not to mention avoid having your picture taken. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that their self-consciousness can inadvertently make them seem shy, uninterested, or even off-putting to the people around them (even if that’s not truly the way you feel!)

With implants, your new smile will change your life. When you have healthy and attractive teeth, it instantly makes you feel like the confident person you deserve to be. In fact, it’s not uncommon for ARCHPOINT dentists to see our clients have tears of joy streaming down their cheeks when they finally get to see their new smile for the first time. It’s a truly life-changing experience!

Investing in dental implants means you’ll be able to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle without the restrictions of trying to hide your missing teeth. This proven procedure will change your life for the better.

Types of Implants

Whether you’ve had a single tooth knocked out, currently wear a partial denture, or need to replace all of your teeth, there’s a dental implant option for every person. Our implant specialists will talk with you about the best dental implant option for your smile. That way, we can help make sure you get the perfect outcome that matches your facial features!

For example, you might only need one or two single-tooth dental implants installed alongside other healthy teeth in your mouth. We’ll want those restorations to mirror the shape and color of surrounding tooth structures so that they blend in and make your smile look whole. 

On the other hand, you may be weighing your options between a snap-on overdenture and All-on-4 implants. If that’s the case, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each one, such as affordability and non-removable features, to help you understand what you’ll achieve from your investment. 

Choosing an Implant Dentist

How do you pick which implant dentist is best to restore your smile? First, be sure to review their education and training. Every dentist will have completed four years of dental school, but specialists go on to complete an additional 2-3 years of advanced training in oral surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, or something related to oral rehabilitation. 

As a specialist, your implant dentist will likely have at least three years or more of experience with placing implants. You’ll want to find out which type of implant systems your specialist offers, such as traditional designs, zygomatic implants, mini implants, overdentures, All-on-4, etc. The more diverse the experience of your dentist is the wider variety of options you’ll have for designing your new smile. 

And don’t forget to ask about sedation. Will dental sedation options be available during your procedure? If so, do you have a preference as to the level of sedation that’s offered? Some offices may only provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) but if you want to feel like you’re napping or tuning everything out, something a bit stronger will be ideal. 

Be Realistic About Your Smile Treatment Timeframe

A dental implant takes approximately six months to integrate after the installation process. Your dentist will want to monitor it as it heals and the bone fuses around the implant to anchor it into place.  Rushing through the process and immediately placing “same day implants” can jeopardize the success of your new “tooth” and even cause it to fail. On the other hand, wearing a temporary prosthesis over the implant as it heals will fill in missing teeth until the permanent restoration can be fixed on top of your integrated implant.

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