How to Properly Clean Snap-On Dentures

Adults of all ages can benefit from this modified, implant-supported denture option. A snap-on dentures looks like a complete, removable denture with one significant difference. The surface of the denture that usually rests against your gum tissue has built-in locators that “snap” or “clip” onto corresponding dental implants in your mouth. 

Snap-on dentures are a great investment for those who are missing multiple teeth. To ensure that you make the most of your new smile, here are some essential tips on how to properly take care of them.

Inserting your Snap-on Dentures 

In order to prevent your snap-on dentures from wearing out, becoming warped, or breaking, you must properly insert them. When inserting your snap-on dentures, place them in your mouth and wiggle them back and forth until the o-rings line up with the dental implants. Use your finger to press the appliance into place along the arch. You will hear a snap when the denture is properly pressed in. To ensure that they feel secure, tug gently on your snap-on dentures. 

We advise that you avoid popping your snap-on dentures in your mouth and biting down. This can warp the o-rings and can destroy some of the other components. Excessive force while inserting your snap-on dentures can lead to damage to the prosthetic appliance. Always be delicate and patient when inserting your snap-on dentures. 

Cleaning Your Snap-On Dentures

It’s essential to clean your snap-on dentures regularly. Before going to bed remove your snap-on dentures and brush them with the advised denture brush and unscented antibacterial soap, and water. Be sure to gently scrub the o-rings as well. When brushing make sure there are no leftover food particles and debris, this will prevent your snap-on dentures properly placing. 

Once your snap-on dentures are clean, place them into your denture box, fill with water and let them sit overnight. Once or twice a week you can place a gentle snap-on denture cleaning tablet inside your box to sit overnight.The cleaner will help remove any remaining bacteria on your appliance. You’ll want to avoid doing this too often because the ingredients found in some denture-cleaning tablets may compromise the longevity of the o-rings. 

Cleaning Your Mouth 

To clean your mouth properly, you’ll need to use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, brush the gum tissue throughout your mouth, the locator abutments, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue. We advise using a water flosser because they help prolong the life of dental implants and their components. The water flosser will flush away any debris that was left behind. 

Maintaining Your Snap-on Dentures

Your snap-on denture, as well as your dental implants, will require professional maintenance from time to time. Implants should be cleaned professionally at ARCHPOINT at least once per year.The rubber o-rings may also need replacement every few months. When you start to notice that your denture is feeling a bit loose, visit ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry to get the rings replaced.

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