Dental Implants all-on-4

Tooth loss is still a common problem for many Americans, with about 35 million adults having lost all of their natural teeth, even with ongoing advancements in dentistry. Historically, the preferred option has been dentures, which are affixed to the gingival tissue using adhesives or suction. An increasingly common substitute is to use four dental implant posts to secure dentures to the jawbone. Even though this technique offers a tooth-like experience, one may wonder how long All-on-4 implants last.

Understanding All-On-Four

A new form of implant-retained denture known as “all-on-4” solves a number of issues with conventional dentures. The thickest parts of the jaw are filled with four carefully positioned dental implant posts, which frequently eliminates the need for bone grafting. For those who were previously thought to be unsuitable for dental implants due to bone loss, All-on-4 becomes a feasible option.

In some circumstances, patients can have a temporary denture placed the same day as the implant surgery, which reduces the amount of time they are without teeth while they heal. All-on-4 provides similar benefits and stability to traditional implant-retained dentures, but with fewer posts.

Duration of All-on-4 Implants

The longevity of all-on-4 implants has been remarkably demonstrated. Research suggests that, given the right care, they can live for at least 20 years. The denture will naturally deteriorate over time, even though implant posts rarely need to be replaced. Over time, periodic adjustments might be required, but an astounding 99% of cases remain trouble-free for ten years or longer.

How Can I Help All-on-4 Last?

Choosing a licensed dentist to complete the procedure is essential to extending the life of your new smile. Important things to do after getting your denture placed are to keep up good oral hygiene at home and schedule biannual dental exams and cleanings. To further lower the chance of possible problems, adopt a balanced diet and abstain from bad habits like smoking and using your newly extracted teeth as tools.

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