Gum Disease Snap-On Dentures

A confident smile and general well-being depend on maintaining optimal oral health. Sadly, diseases such as gum disease can result in tooth loss, which is why people look into denture alternatives like snap-on dentures.

Understanding Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, another name for gum disease, is a common oral health problem that is characterized by gum inflammation. Gingivitis, which is characterized by redness, swelling, and bleeding, usually starts it all. If left untreated, it may develop into periodontitis, harming the tissues that support the teeth and possibly resulting in tooth loss.

The Impact of Gum Disease on Tooth Loss

Gum disease destroys teeth’s stability and can lead to tooth loss as it progresses. Losing teeth has more negative effects on speech, chewing ability, and self-esteem than just aesthetics. Conventional dentures are a popular method of replacing lost teeth that have both practical and cosmetic advantages.

Snap-On Dentures

Overdentures, or snap-on dentures, offer a detachable substitute for conventional dentures. Compared to traditional removable dentures, these dentures provide a more stable and comfortable fit because they snap onto dental implants or attachment points.

Can You Wear Snap-On Dentures with Gum Disease?

The degree of gum disease and the patient’s general oral health will determine whether snap-on dentures are appropriate for them. It’s imperative to address and manage gum disease with professional dental care before thinking about snap-on dentures.

Evaluation and Treatment

It is essential to consult a dentist for a thorough assessment of oral health. The dentist will evaluate the jawbone’s suitability for dental implants, the degree of gum disease, and the state of the remaining teeth. Antibiotics, scaling and root planning, and other measures to reduce infection and inflammation are possible treatments for gum disease.

Dental Implant and Snap-On Dentures

Dental implants might be suggested in situations where gum disease has resulted in tooth loss in order to give snap-on dentures a sturdy foundation. They act as replacement tooth roots and are surgically inserted into the mandible. Snap-on dentures can be firmly fitted to improve stability and functionality after the implants have healed.

Benefits of Snap-On Dentures

Increased Stability: Compared to traditional dentures, snap-on dentures fit more securely, minimizing the chance of slippage or discomfort.

Jawbone Preservation: By stimulating the jawbone and halting bone loss over time, dental implants used in conjunction with snap-on dentures can help preserve jawbone.

Enhanced Confidence: By giving a smile that looks natural and restoring oral function, snap-on dentures can increase confidence.

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