teeth in a day
teeth in a day

Do you want same day dental implants in Dallas or Ft. Worth? Have you heard about things like “teeth in a day,” where you can get an entire full mouth tooth replacement in just one dental appointment? Tread cautiously before you invest in something that seems like it’s too good to be true.

The truth is, there are many misconceptions and untold truths about same day dental implants. It isn’t physically possible to take something that normally requires a matter of months and rush through it in one visit and still expect the same results. 

Can you replace all your missing teeth in a day? Yes. But you won’t have a permanent prosthesis like an All-on-4 on the same date as your implant installation. There’s still a matter of integration and healing you need to allow for. 

Same Day Implants vs. Temporary Healing Appliances

Each dental implant must have adequate time to integrate with your jaw for at least 3-4 months after it’s installed. Integration occurs when the implant is placed inside the bone and new bone cells grow and fuse around it. Your implant will become a permanent part of your mouth once it’s fully integrated. But if biting pressure is applied to it on the same day, the implant will likely fail. 

This is where special considerations are made regarding teeth in a day. Let’s suppose you have your dental implants placed and an appliance attached at the same time. Yes, you will be able to have new teeth within a matter of hours, but not quite in the way you might have thought. 

The same-day dental appliance you receive on the date of your implant installation is actually what we call a healing prosthesis or interim restoration. It will be worn over your dental implants for 3-4 months or longer until each of your implants is fully integrated with the bone. 

A temporary healing prosthesis allows you to smile confidently and enjoy your meals while your implants are integrating. Your immediate appliance will only be worn for a brief time and is made of less durable materials, such as acrylic. These devices don’t last nearly as long as zirconia implants, as they’re only for short-term use. 

People who get same day implants may later learn they’re stuck with an interim restoration or have hidden costs associated with a permanent prosthesis several months down the road. If it sounds too good to be true, start asking questions. 

Why is a Final Hybrid Prosthesis Required?

The contours and curves of your bone and gums will change slightly during the healing and integration process of your new dental implants. These changes can and will cause fit problems with your healing appliance. But that’s completely normal! Since we replace it with the permanent version after integration is complete, the fit won’t be a permanent concern.

When you get dental implants at ARCHPOINT, you won’t leave our DFW office with visibly missing teeth while your implants integrate. Even if the permanent version of your smile isn’t installed yet, you will always have something temporarily there to see, smile, and eat with. 

For your permanent implant restoration, we prefer to use a durable, higher-quality material that is both strong and attractive. Zirconia is the best choice in most scenarios. Zirconia is very durable and attractive, making it ideal for single, multiple, or full-arch tooth replacement (including All-on-4 dental implants.) However, it shouldn’t be installed on the same date as your dental implant surgery. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for unnecessary costs and re-treatments. We’ll wait until your implants are stable before installing the zirconia appliances on top of them. 

When the acrylic healing prosthesis is replaced with the permanent zirconia one, you have much more freedom to design the “perfect” smile. Such as the size and color of each tooth, the contour of your biting edges, and how they complement your smile as a whole. And they’ll be just as strong as you need to enjoy all of your favorite foods. You could say once the process is complete, it’s like having a brand-new, natural smile all over again. But it takes time, and the process can’t be rushed!

Choosing a Dental Implant Office

Many dentists claim to offer teeth in a day or same day implants. But in the majority of these situations, the dentists only offer temporary healing prostheses made of acrylic. They may not disclose the fact that your restoration will need to be replaced or updated within the next few months after your surgery. Before committing to anything as dramatic or life-changing as All-on-4 implants, you need to be fully informed of the process from start to finish. 

Seasoned implant specialists like the team at ARCHPOINT help expedite your implant treatment by having our own in-house laboratory. This allows us to design, create, and deliver permanent zirconia restorations for our clients. With a customized smile design process, you benefit from more reliable restorations, better aesthetics, and a perfectly fitting final prosthesis. Plus, we involve you in each step of the design process so that your new smile is tailored to your vision and preferences. 

“Can You Get Same Day Implants?”

Depending on how you look at it, yes you can get some type of “teeth in a day,” but no, they aren’t permanent. Rushing through the process and placing permanent zirconia or ceramic crowns and bridges on top of brand new dental implants is dangerous, not to mention an unwise way to spend your money. It’s smarter to get a temporary yet durable interim appliance (like one made out of acrylic, similar to a traditional denture) and then change it out once your bone is fully integrated. 

The point is, you’ll never have to be seen with visibly missing teeth. But the “teeth” you get on the same date as your dental implant treatment are simply there for a short time. The final versions will be created for optimal aesthetics and functionality, giving you the permanent smile you really want.

DFW Dental Implant Experts

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