When it comes to replacing missing teeth with implants or snap-on dentures, ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry is one of the leading experts in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Whether you have been wearing dentures for years or are looking for full smile rehabilitation, the advanced skills of our certified implant specialists can give you the smile of your dreams.  

If you are considering replacing an entire arch of teeth, you have several great options to consider. Traditional dentures have been a common form of full arch tooth replacement for a long time. Because of advances in dental technology, however, newer and more permanent solutions are now available because of advances in implant techniques. A consultation with the implant experts at ARCHPOINT can help you decide which option is best for you and your lifestyle. Especially if you’re considering upgrading to snap-on dentures from a traditional “plate.”

A Little About Traditional Dentures

If an entire arch of teeth is missing or needs to be replaced, traditional dentures provide an easy, inexpensive option. Once teeth are removed, no additional surgeries are required and you can enjoy the benefits of your custom-fit denture right away. Made of a durable acrylic material, a traditional denture is shaped to fit either the roof of your mouth or along your lower jaw bone ridge line. An upper denture utilizes suction in the roof of your mouth to stay in place, while a lower denture uses the muscles of your tongue, lips, and cheeks to help it fit securely.

The most common drawback with traditional dentures is that over time, your denture will not fit as well as it once did and can become uncomfortable. This is because of the resorption of bone and gingival tissue over time after teeth are removed. While denture adhesives work well, they are messy. Frequent denture relines are necessary to maintain proper fit. 

Because your denture rests on the gingival tissue, your bite strength is limited. You may experience difficulty biting into and chewing certain foods. While traditional dentures are a great, inexpensive way to replace your teeth, there are other options to consider as well, such as an overdenture or “snap-on denture.”

A Snap-On Denture May Be Your Best Choice

Similar to traditional dentures, a snap-on denture is made of high quality acrylic material. Often called an overdenture, they are removable appliances that replace an entire arch of teeth. The difference with snap-on dentures that sets them apart from traditional dentures is that they are designed to fit onto strategically placed implants, keeping them in place. 

In most cases, two to four surgically placed implants are anchored to your jawbone. Your custom-made acrylic denture is designed to snap onto the implants. Snap-on dentures can be easily taken out to clean, but are secure when clipped into place, so you won’t have to worry about them throughout the day.  

Advantages Of Snap-On Denture Designs

There are many advantages to wearing a snap-on denture. Since typically only 2-4 implants are utilized, snap-on dentures can be much more cost-effective than replacing each of your individual teeth with their own dental implant. Although initial costs may be higher than traditional dentures, denture relines are typically not needed, which reduces added costs.

Surgically placed dental implants are anchored into the bone, giving your overdenture a strong foundation to grip onto. Implants serve as artificial tooth roots and successfully maintain bone tissue and prevent the resorption of both the bone and gingival tissues. Without the concern over bone shrinking, you can rest assured your overdenture will always fit and will not come loose when biting or chewing. There is no need for messy adhesives or frequent visits for relines.

Dental implants also provide just as much bite strength as natural teeth. With snap-on dentures, you can enjoy most of the foods that you love and may not have eaten in years. Implants anchor your denture in place, eliminating any friction that can cause painful mouth sores.

The custom-designed shape of snap-on dentures allows you to speak more clearly. While traditional dentures have a plate that rests on the roof of your mouth, the streamlined shape of overdentures is less invasive to your mouth. As such, your tongue can move more freely so there is less of an impact on your speech. 

Snap-on dentures are easily removed whenever it’s time to sleep or clean them. Simply take out your snap-on denture to brush it after each meal. Use a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush to prevent small scratches and soak it daily in a denture cleaner. Just like teeth, your dental implants need to be brushed at least two times daily. The use of a non-alcoholic mouth rinse is also recommended. When implants are not properly cared for, gingival inflammation can occur, leading to periodontal disease and implant failure. Frequent preventative care appointments, including X-rays and professional cleaning, are recommended every six months.

While snap-on dentures provide a much more stable, permanent solution to tooth loss, you may want to consider an option that is not removable. Taking your over-denture out to sleep and clean may be great for many people but not of interest to you. There is a tooth replacement option that is permanently fixed to dental implants: All-on-4 or All-on-6.

All-On-4 Dental Implant System

Similar to snap-on dentures, the use of the All-On-4 system utilizes dental implants to support an acrylic “U” shaped denture that rests on top of dental implants. Four surgically placed titanium implants are strategically placed into the strongest areas of bone tissue. Your denture is then designed to permanently attach to each of those implants. There is no taking your denture out to sleep or clean it, so no one will ever see you without your teeth. With the All-On-4 dental implant system, you can enjoy even more strength and stability as well as eat and speak with confidence. Bone tissue health is easily preserved with the use of more implants. 

Cleaning your All-On-4 implant system is easy: brush just like you did with your natural teeth using non-abrasive toothpaste. Then clean around your implants with dental floss and/or a water flosser to prevent inflammation in the gums around them. Frequent preventative care appointments are important to maintaining your All-On-4 system because only a dentist can remove your denture appliance for professional cleaning. 

Let ARCHPOINT Help You Achieve Your New Smile

With two offices conveniently located in Dallas and Fort Worth, ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry provides the highest level of quality care for tooth replacement. If you are frustrated with your current dentures or are ready for a smile rehabilitation, contact our office today for a consultation!