DFW dental implant consultations
DFW dental implant consultations

Why get dental implants? If you’ve recently lost a tooth or have suffered from missing teeth for years, you understand this can leave a lasting impact. You may avoid certain foods, hide your mouth when you smile, or keep your lips closed to laugh. Whatever the case is for you this year, do not let missing a tooth get in the way of enjoying the holidays this season. Begin your implant journey today by scheduling your dental implant consultation with ARCHPOINT. By trusting the Dallas and Fort Worth implant experts of ARCHPOINT, you are making a decision that will not only permanently replace your missing teeth but will improve your oral and overall health. 

Flexible Scheduling for Dental Implant Consultations

The holiday season is a busy time; our calendars are full of holiday parties, gift wrapping, and family gatherings. Maybe this year is the year you have decided to slow down, rest, and enjoy some relaxation time at home.  ARCHPOINT of Dallas and Fort Worth offer flexible appointment scheduling so you can easily schedule your dental implant consultation around your schedule while you’re taking time away from work or other daily obligations.

Plan for Dental Implants in 2023!

Do you have time off during the holidays? Since your implant journey will require several appointments, why not schedule a quick consultation appointment during that time? Our implant specialists use digital radiographs and a thorough exam to determine which dental implant path is right for you. We will discuss your dental implant options and answer any questions you may have. Our financial coordinators will also prepare a treatment plan for you. Planning ahead for next year will not only make scheduling your longer appointments easier but also make your financial planning easier. 

You Have Options with ARCHPOINT

Have you been told you were not a candidate for dental implants in the past? Advances in technology now allow more treatment choices for permanent tooth replacement. Today’s implant advances are easier and more predictable to restore your smile. By scheduling a dental implant consultation with ARCHPOINT specialists, you can learn how to successfully replace missing teeth with a permanent solution. 

Single Tooth Dental Implants

ARCHPOINT is the implant expert in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Permanently replacing a single tooth is more successful and predictable than ever before. Our titanium screw-like implant is surgically placed and then fuses into the bone. This serves as a strong anchor that holds your custom-made porcelain prosthetic crown. Single tooth implants preserve your bone tissue, prevent bone loss and provide incredible bite strength. 

Implant Supported Bridges

While single tooth implants are a wonderful solution, when several teeth in a row are missing, an implant supported bridge may be a better option. Rather than installing one implant for each tooth that’s missing, implants are paired together a fixed multi-tooth dental bridge. This longer restoration can replace 3-4 teeth at a time, possibly more depending on the situation. Full-arch rehabilitation, however, is usually achieved through alternative treatments such as All-on-4 or All-on-6 therapy.

Dental implant supported bridges look similar to a traditional bridge. These permanent restorations eliminate the need for a removable partial denture and are capable of biting and chewing like a natural tooth.

Mini Dental Implants

A mini dental implant is a small-scale version of a conventional dental implant. It is about half the width and length of traditional implants, making them much smaller than natural tooth roots. Because they are so small, they require little bone support. This makes them ideal for those who want a stabilized overdenture but otherwise lack the bone support for full arch implants.

For Dallas and Fort Worth patients whose teeth have shifted after losing a tooth, you now have the option of mini dental implants. Due to their smaller size, they can easily fill a small space and provide support for a single tooth replacement.

Implant Supported Overdentures

If you are a current denture wearer, you may suffer from an ill-fitting “plate” that rubs your mouth. As bone and gingival tissue resorb, your denture will become loose and uncomfortable. You may experience rocking when biting or feel your denture slip when you speak. For these reasons, dental implant supported overdentures may be the perfect solution for you.

An overdenture looks like a full, removable denture with one major difference. The surface of the denture that normally rests against your gum tissue has built-in locators that “snap” or “clip” onto corresponding dental implants in your mouth. Two to four dental implants will anchor your overdenture into place. This gives you the strength and stability to enjoy foods that were restricted with traditional dentures. 

Similar to traditional dentures, overdentures are easily removed allowing for easy cleaning, brushing, and during sleeping hours. 

All-On-4 Dental Implant System

The All-On-4 dental implant system is a permanent alternative to removable or overdentures. Similar to overdentures, two to four dental implants are strategically placed into the jawbone. With All-On-4 implants, your dental prosthesis is shaped differently. There is no plate in the roof of your mouth, your prosthesis has the same “U” shape as your natural teeth improving your speech and giving you even stronger bite strength. An All-on-4 treatment is as close as you can get to having natural teeth all over again. 

Another major difference from an overdenture, the All-On-4 treatment is a permanent appliance you never have to take it out. By permanently fixing your prosthesis to your implants, you will never have to worry about anyone seeing you without your teeth again. Our specialists can easily remove your prosthesis, however, for cleanings or adjustments. 

For our patients who may need additional support, we can add two more implants and convert the treatment into an All-on-6 system. 

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Not everyone is a candidate for traditional dental implant treatment. Especially those with severe bone loss, unable to support traditional implants. Zygomatic dental implants now provide an alternative treatment for those needing an entire upper arch of teeth replaced. 

Slightly longer than traditional dental implants, this type of implant is placed at an angle into your zygomatic bone, also known as your cheekbone. Your zygomatic bone is unique because it does not resorb due to tooth loss like your jaw bone does. This allows the strength and mass required to successfully restore the entire arch of upper teeth. 

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation Today!

Why should you let another holiday season pass feeling frustrated with your missing teeth? Let the ARCHPOINT implant experts help you begin your journey to permanent tooth replacement. Our conveniently located Dallas and Fort Worth offices provide flexible appointment options to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to reserve an appointment during your holiday break.