what to know about dental implants
what to know about dental implants

If you are one of the millions of Americans with one or more missing teeth, the implant specialists at ARCHPOINT Dental are the experts to trust with your all dental implant needs. With dental implants, teeth are permanently replaced using the best materials to produce a natural-looking and natural-feeling result. Whether you are interested in a single tooth implant or replacing ill-fitting dentures with implant-retained dentures, ARCHPOINT provides Dallas and Fort Worth area patients with the highest quality care customized to your individual needs. 

If you think dental implants may be the right choice for you, contact ARCHPOINT today and enjoy these lesser-known facts about implant treatment: 

#1 Dental Implants Have Actually Been Around for Centuries!

Humans have been using mechanical means to repair and replace teeth for much longer than you may realize. Ancient findings suggest that the earliest known dental work dates all the way back to 2500 BC. Dental implants also have a long history with the first form of tooth replacement being found in ancient China around 2000 BC. According to historians, the Chinese used pieces of bamboo to replace teeth that were lost.  As you can guess, these forms of dental implants were not all that successful. As time went on, dentistry progressed and by 600 AD, the Mayans were using seashells as dental implants. 

While advances in dentistry really began around the 1930s, people were also beginning to live longer, which meant their teeth needed to last longer. It was not until 1965 that dental implants became more predictable. During this time, dental implants began to be produced using titanium, which is still the strongest, most successful material used today. 

#2 Dental Implants Are Resistant to Decay

Not only do implants provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth, but dental implants also cannot get cavities. The titanium material used for implants is completely resistant to decay and rust and naturally fuses into the bone tissue. While the screw-like titanium implant essentially replaces the root of a natural tooth, there is no nerve supply, which also means there is no tooth pain. 

Now just because dental implants are resistant to decay, that does not mean you do not need to brush and floss them daily.  Practicing good oral health habits is necessary to protect any natural teeth you still have from dental decay as well as prevent any infection from occurring in the gum tissue. The most common reason for implant failure is periodontal disease. 

#3 Dental Implants Will Strengthen Your Jawbone

Your natural teeth should be anchored firmly into the jaw bone utilizing tiny ligaments and fibers. When a tooth is removed and those ligaments no longer serve a purpose, your jawbone immediately begins to shrink in that area. When multiple teeth are missing, the amount of bone resorption is even greater. While this process is very slow, over time your bone structure becomes thinner, putting your remaining natural teeth at risk of being lost as well. 

Because a good amount of bone mass is needed to be able to support a dental implant,  if bone resorption becomes severe, you may not be a good candidate for dental implants. This is why replacing your missing teeth sooner is better than later. 

By replacing missing teeth with implants, however, your jaw bone is safe from resorption and actually made stronger. This is because the titanium implant fuses into the bone tissue during a process called osseointegration.  As the implant permanently anchors into the bone, it acts as a new tooth root and protects the bone from shrinking. Not only will your jawbone be stronger, but your new tooth “root” is stronger than any natural tooth!

#4 Placing an Implant in Dallas or Fort Worth is Easier Than Pulling a Tooth

You may have heard horror stories of people having a tooth removed or you may have a traumatic story of your own. Whether you lost a tooth because of gum disease, injury, or a dental emergency, the effects can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

While dental implant placement is still a dental surgery, in most cases sedation, as well as anesthesia, is given. This will insure you stay comfortable during the procedure. Unlike having a tooth pulled, placing an implant is a very precise procedure. Surprisingly, very little gum or bone tissue is actually affected during the placement of a dental implant.

Recovery after dental implant surgery is also much easier than having a tooth pulled. While the post-care instructions are similar, there is far less discomfort involved and healing time is much quicker. 

#5 Millions of People Have Dental Implants

Most people are good candidates for dental implants because there is no age limit for the procedure as long as you are in generally good health. More than 3 million people currently have at least one dental implant and that number grows every year. Statistics have shown that on average, 500,000 implants are placed each year in the United States. With those odds, there is a very good chance that your Dallas or Fort Worth neighbor or coworker has at least one dental implant. And the odds are even higher that their implant was placed by ARCHPOINT.

Trust ARCHPOINT With Your Dental Implant Needs

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants with the implant experts of ARCHPOINT has many benefits. Not only do implants provide the strength and stability of natural teeth, they preserve your jaw bone and can help maintain oral and overall health. With the natural look and feel of dental implants, you will regain the self-confidence to smile and laugh freely again. 

If you are in the Dallas or Fort Worth area and are considering dental implants, what are you waiting for? Contact the implant experts of ARCHPOINT today to schedule your consultation. Our conveniently located team of dental implant specialists will customize a treatment plan to cater to your unique needs and give you the smile of your dreams.