types of dentures: overdentures vs. traditional
types of dentures: overdentures vs. traditional

Whether you are considering beginning your journey with dentures or have decided it is time to replace your current ones, ARCHPOINT is your trusted implant expert for your implant and denture needs. Conveniently located in Dallas and Fort Worth, our specialists are here to help you decide which denture option is right for your unique needs and for your budget. 

Choosing the Best Types of Dentures 

Traditional dentures have been a common form of full arch tooth replacement for a long time. They are inexpensive, easy to remove, and easy to care for. Traditional dentures also have their drawbacks. Because of advances in dental technology, however, newer and more permanent solutions are now available. Snap-on dentures, also known as overdentures, are essentially modified traditional dentures that are held in place by surgically placed implants. Overdentures provide a more stable solution to traditional dentures, yet are still a very affordable option. 

Because the decision to replace your teeth is a life-changing decision, we want you to fully understand the differences between implant-supported overdentures and traditional dentures.

Let’s Compare Overdentures to Traditional Types of Dentures

How Types of Dentures Work

If an entire arch of teeth is missing or needs to be replaced, traditional dentures provide an easy, inexpensive option. Once teeth are removed, no additional surgeries are required and you can typically enjoy the benefits of your custom-fit denture right away. Traditional dentures are meant to be removed to clean and must be stored in a moist environment while you sleep to prevent them from drying out.

The main difference with overdentures that sets them apart from traditional dentures is that they are designed to fit onto strategically placed implants, keeping them in place. Two to four implants are anchored into the jaw bone with a minimally invasive surgical procedure. These implants serve as “roots” for your overdenture to snap on to, providing much more stability than traditional dentures. While your implants are anchored to the jaw bone, your overdenture is still easily removable for cleaning and sleeping. 

Consider Your Comfort in Different Types of Dentures

A traditional denture is made of an acrylic material shaped to fit either the roof of your mouth or along your lower jaw bone ridge line. An upper denture utilizes suction in the roof of your mouth to stay in place, while a lower denture uses the presence of your tongue, lips, and cheeks. Both types of dentures are similar, but they rest directly against your gum tissue.

While this is a great option to easily replace your missing teeth, over time your denture will not fit as well as it once did and will become uncomfortable. This is because both your jaw bone and gingival tissue begin to shrink when the teeth once the teeth are removed. 

As your bone and gingival tissue continue to shrink, you will notice traditional types of dentures may slip or rock when biting, chewing, and even speaking. This can prevent you from eating the foods you love or laughing as big as you like. The movement of your denture along your gum tissue will cause friction and lead to painful sore spots. While denture adhesives work well to keep your denture in place, they are messy and can interfere with the taste of your food. Your traditional denture will need to professionally re-lined to properly maintain a good fit, but over time, a new denture will need to be made.

Overdentures provide a much more comfortable type of denture experience. Your denture is held in place by implants that are anchored to the bone. Your denture will not move at all when biting, eating or speaking allowing you to eat and speak without the worry of your denture slipping out of place. 

Because your overdenture is locked into position, there will be no friction causing mouth sores and there will be no need for messy adhesive! You can expect your overdenture to greatly outlast a traditional denture because it will always fit just right. Making the investment in implant-retained overdentures may actually be more cost-effective for you in the long run. 

Improve Your Bone and Gingival Health

Not only do implant-retained types of dentures provide a more stable option for tooth replacement, they also help preserve and strengthen your jaw bone and gingival health. Without teeth, your jaw bone resorbs, becoming thin and brittle over time. The loss of bone mass can contribute to future sinus problems as well as a higher risk for jaw bone fracture if you were to fall. 

With overdentures, dental implants serve as new tooth “roots” to anchor your denture in place. These new “roots” also prevent further shrinkage of your jaw bone and gingival tissue. Your jaw bone is actually made stronger with the placement of dental implants.

Types of Dentures in Dallas and Fort Worth

No one wants to be seen without their teeth. Traditional dentures and implant-supported overdentures are both great, affordable ways to replace teeth and give you a reason to smile. Along with the ability to smile, ARCHPOINT also wants you to have the confidence to eat all the foods you love as well as maintain a youthful appearance. 

Because traditional types of dentures rest on the gingival tissue, your bite strength is limited to the strength of your tissue. You may experience difficulty biting into and chewing certain foods. If your denture does not fit properly, you may be unable to eat certain foods.

Overdentures will provide just as much bite strength as natural teeth because dental implants are securely anchored into your jaw bone. With overdentures, you can enjoy all the foods that you once loved before tooth loss without the fear of your denture rocking or slipping out of place. 

The use of overdentures can also help you gain and maintain a more youthful appearance. Traditional dentures allow the bone to resorb, leading to a loss of volume in the lips and a sunken facial appearance. Dental implants, however, preserve your bone mass, maintaining volume and preventing an aging appearance. Wearing these types of dentures provides you with some added benefits compared to traditional versions. 

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