what is the time requirement to get dental implants

If you’re considering getting dental implants, your #1 question is probably either “How much do dental implants cost” and #2, “How long does it take to get dental implants?” Although the cost of dental implants can vary, the length of time required for implant therapy is usually fairly constant. Particularly if you’re working with a skilled implant specialist. 

The overall timeframe for dental implant treatment is usually spaced over a longer amount of time than most people realize. In the days of same-day dentistry and instant makeovers, it can be difficult to understand why some types of therapy do require a bit more time. Instead of looking for the fastest dental implant treatment in DFW or “same day” implant providers, here are some things you’ll need to keep in mind about the overall experience and how long does it take. 

It’s All About Osseointegration (How Long Does it Take?)

The first and most important thing everyone should understand about dental implants is how they integrate with your body. “Osseointegration” is the process where your bone is attracted to the surface of your dental implant and forms a thin layer of bone tissue against it. In turn, your implant becomes “fused” into place as the new bone integrates with the microscopically-textured implant surface. 

Osseointegration is what makes implant therapy so safe and predictable. However, it is not an overnight process nor should it be rushed. Your implant must be fully integrated with your bone before it is capable of withstanding heaving pressure. Biting and chewing forces are some of the heaviest that your body can withstand. As such, you need to be sure the implant has time to fully integrate before placing a crown or bridge on top of it. 

How long it takes for implants to integrate is usually about the same for everyone. Assuming you’re healthy, we’ve completed a thorough medical screening, and you take good care of your mouth, integration typically takes 4-6 months on average. We will take an X-ray of the implant to assess how well the new bone has integrated since the date the implant was installed. At that point, we can uncover the top of the implant, install an abutment, and attach a fixed restoration. 

What About Same Day Implants or “Teeth in a Day”?

Quickly replacing missing teeth is a huge concern for most individuals. However, dental implant therapy should never be rushed. Placing an implant and immediately affixing a permanent prosthesis onto it could result in implant failure and unnecessary discomfort. Any process that promises teeth in a day or same-day dental implants needs to be carefully assessed for overall placement practices. If the new “teeth” are an immediate permanent bridge or All-on-4 treatment, you may want to reconsider your options. 

Essentially if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ultimately the same-day implants are usually not permanent or there may be hidden fees to consider, such as your same-day device being temporary and needing to purchase an additional permanent prosthesis a few months later. 

Does that mean you’ll need to go around with missing teeth for 3-6 months? Not necessarily! While your implants are integrating, we can fit you with a temporary healing prosthesis that you wear in the meantime. That way you can smile and talk without having to worry about people seeing you without teeth. Knowing about healing and integration times is an important “fine print” item that needs to be discussed if you’re considering teeth in a day. 

Occasionally if you’re only replacing one lower front tooth and using a mini implant, the crown can be placed on the same day. But same-day mini implants are typically reserved for case-by-case situations. 

The Overall Treatment Timeframe: How long does it take?

The average dental implant case is spaced out in phases over 6-12 months, depending on your preferences and oral health needs. A straightforward implant case may begin with an exam, implant placement, integration, then final prosthesis placement in 4-6 months. Whereas someone with extensive bone loss may require additional grafting and healing periods ahead of time, placing a slight pause on the implant installation. 

Dental implants are not a same-day dentistry service. But if you work with an experienced team of specialists you never have to go around with “missing teeth”…even if the overall process is phased out across several months. 

One of the best aspects of implant therapy is that you don’t have to worry about missing teeth even though the overall process isn’t overnight. The best implant dentist will still arrange to outfit you with a temporary prosthesis so that you can smile with confidence. The only difference is that you start wearing it once your implants are placed — while your smile heals — and you update it with a permanent version once everything is fully integrated. 

Leading Up to Your Implant Process

Some people consider the implant planning process to be the lengthiest of their smile reconstruction experience. Between selecting a dentist, scheduling a consultation, and just “sleeping on it” before committing to treatment, you might only need two weeks or you might spend 12 months working through everything. Bottom line, how quickly you choose to get dental implants is usually a personal decision. At ARCHPOINT we aim to inform and educate our clients, so you don’t have to worry about feeling pushed or pressured into something you’re not ready for. You can get started when you’ve had time to think about everything and feel confident about your decision. You’ll have all of the information you need to help co-plan your care. 

How Long Does it Take: Get an Estimated Breakdown

ARCHPOINT implant dentists walk with you through the entire smile restoration process from start to finish. When you visit us for your first consultation we’ll answer any questions you have, discuss what options are available, and provide you with different choices to consider. Your itemized care plan will include a breakdown of applicable fees, insurance benefits, and financing options that we offer. 

Are dental implants right for you? Call ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry to reserve your private consultation and get all of the answers you’re looking for.